ImageGenerator Output Content Types

After returning from the Leadtools.Web.Handlers.ImageGenerator.ProcessRequest(system.web.httpcontext) method, the System.Web.HttpResponse.ContentType property can be one of the following types:

ImageFormat ContentType
Abc "Image/abc"
Abic "Image/abic"
Ani "Image/ani"
Bmp "Image/bmp"
Cals "Image/cal"
Cin "Image/cin"
Clp "Image/clp"
Cmp "Image/cmp"
Cmw "Image/cmw"
Cut "Image/cut"
Ecw "Image/ecw"
Eps "Image/eps"
Exif "Image/exif"
Fax "Image/fax"
Fit "Image/fit"
Flc "Image/flc"
Fpx "Image/fpx"
Gif "Image/gif"
Ica "Image/ica"
Iff "Image/iff"
Img "Image/img"
Itg "Image/itg"
J2k "Image/j2k"
Jbig "Image/jbg"
Jbig2 "Image/jb2"
Jp2 "Image/jp2"
Jpeg "Image/jpeg"
Mac "Image/mac"
Msp "Image/msp"
Pct "Image/pct"
Pcx "Image/pcx"
Pdf "Image/pdf"
Png "Image/png"
Pbm "Image/pbm"
Psd "Image/psd"
Ras "Image/ras"
Raw "Image/raw"
Sct "Image/sct"
Sff "Image/sff"
Sgi "Image/sgi"
Smp "Image/smp"
Tifx "Image/tifx"
Tga "Image/tga"
Tif "Image/tiff"
Wbmp "Image/wbmp"
Wfx "Image/wfx"
WinCur "Image/cur"
WinIco "Image/ico"
Wmf "Image/wmf"
Wmz "Image/wmz"
Wpg "Image/wpg"
Xbm "Image/xbm"
Xpm "Image/xpm"
Xwd "Image/xwd"
Unknown "Image/Unknown"
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