Leadtools.Drawing Assembly Changes


Version Changes: 18 to 19

New Members

The following members have been added:

Name Description
Leadtools.Drawing.RasterImagePainter.FrameRegion(IntPtr,Graphics,int) Displays an outline of the Windows HRGN in the given System.Drawing.Graphics object.
Leadtools.Drawing.RasterPaintProperties.UseTransform Gets or sets a value that indicate wherer to use the current transform in the destination System.Drawing.Graphics object when painting the image and regions.
Leadtools.Drawing.RenderingEngineFactory - Engine that can be used to render SVG documents to a GDI+ Graphics or Windows HDC object.

Removed Members

The following members have been removed:

Name Description


Version Changes: 17.5 to 18

New Members

The following members have been added to the existing types:

Member Description
There are no new members added since last revision. None

Version Changes: 17 to 17.5

Version 17.5 has changed from Version 17 as follows:

New Enumeration Member

The following enumeration member has been added to the RasterImagePaintCallbackFunction enumeration


Parameter Description
IntPtr hdc The Windows HDC
LPRECT lprc The rectangle coordinates to fill.
COLORREF color The color to use. You must create a solid brush for this color.

For more information, refer to New in 17.5.

Version Changes: 16.5 to 17

New Assembly

The following assembly has been added to LEADTOOLS For .NET v17:

Namespace Description
**Leadtools.Drawing** Includes helper classes to convert a LEADTOOLS images, regions and colors to and from Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight.
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