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Fill Property


Gets or sets the System.Windows.Media.Color associated with this AnnObject to fill this object geometry. This is a dependency property.


public Color Fill { get; set; } 
Public Property Fill As Color 
property Color Fill { 
   Color get(); 
   void set (    Color ); 

Property Value

A Color that describes how the interior of the AnnObject is painted. The default is System.Windows.Media.Colors.Transparent.


The FillBrush and Fill properties work in the following manner:

  • If FillBrush is set to null, then the value of Fill is used to fill the interior of this object.

  • If FillBrush is set to a valid object, then this value is used to fill the interior of this object and the value of Fill is ignored.

Fill only supports a solid color while AnnBrush and its derived classes such as AnnLinearGradientBrush supports filling the interior of the object with a linear brush.

To use an AnnObject with a transparent background, set FillBrush to null and Fill to System.Windows.Media.Colors.Transparent. Both of these values are the default for the properties.

If this AnnObject does not support fill (SupportsFill value is false), this property will always return System.Windows.Media.Colors.Transparent and setting this property to any value will be ignored.


For XAML example, refer to AnnPolygonObject.

For C#/VB examples, refer to AnnObject.


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