Implementing WPF Annotation Hyperlinks

Note: This topic is for Document/Medical only.

LEADTOOLS provides functionality to allow you to hyperlink annotations. Annotations may be hyperlinked to run a program, access a Web page, or send a user-defined message.

To set a hyperlink for a WPF Annotation object, use the Hyperlink property. The hyperlink of an object can be any string value or null (Nothing in VB). It is up to the user application to determine how to use this value. In automation mode, if the object has a hyperlink and is clicked on at runtime user mode, the automation framework will try to externally execute the hyperlink value. For example, if the hyperlink is an address to a website, a new instance of your internet browser will be created with this hyperlink as the target address. If the hyperlink is a movie file, the default movie player application in your machine will start with this hyperlink value as the movie name and so on.

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