Medical Image Viewer Layout Features

The layout features of the of LEADTOOLS Leadtools.MedicalViewer.MedicalViewer allow you to lay out cells within the viewer at user-specified positions. In order to use the layout features the MedicalViewer has to be created using the MedicalViewer(bool gridmode) constructor. Specify false for the grid mode to have the control created in layout mode.

Use the MedicalViewer.LayoutOptions property to set user-specific options for layout.

Layout position can be set for cells using the MedicalViewerBaseCell(MedicalViewerLayoutPosition location) constructor. Additionally, the layout for a cell can be changed using the MedicalViewerBaseCell.Position property.

The layout features of the MedicalViewer also include a design mode that allows you to use a mouse to move and resize the cells interactively. To change the viewer to design mode use the MedicalViewerLayoutOptions.UserMode property. Use the MedicalViewerLayoutOptions.DesignTool object to change the current tool available in design mode. When in design mode, cells can be aligned to a grid to allow for easier layout. To enable the snap-to-grid functionality use the MedicalViewerLayoutOptions.SnapToGridproperty. You can also control the size of the grid by using the MedicalViewerLayoutOptions.GridSize property.

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