Managing the TWAIN Source

Once the user has established a TWAIN session, the TWAIN source to use for acquiring images should be selected. To determine the TWAIN sources available on the system, LEADTOOLS provides the TwainSession.QuerySourceInformation method.

To select the TWAIN source to use for acquiring images, call the TwainSession.SelectSource method. Once a source is selected, the SelectedSourceName property will contain the name of that selected source and the SelectedSourceTwainVersion property will contain the version of that selected source.

Each TWAIN source has certain capabilities. The user may wish to alter these capability settings before acquiring images from the TWAIN source. For more information on this, refer to Getting and Setting Capabilities.

LEADTOOLS TWAIN toolkit also provides properties, methods and events to manage the TWAIN sources installed on the system:

TwainSession.SelectSource displays a dialog that lists all available TWAIN sources installed on the system. This dialog lets the user select the TWAIN source he or she wants to use. TwainSession.QuerySourceInformation method is used to get all-available TWAIN sources and their information like source name, productFamily, manufacturer and the TWAIN version it supports.

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