Summary of All Supported Image File Formats

Some file formats require additional licensing and/or unlock keys. For the most-current listing of licensing requirements, refer to: LEADTOOLS Product Comparison Chart

Conversion from one file format to another can take place when you load or save a file, or when you perform file-to-file conversion using one of the overload methods of Convert. Use the Leadtools.Converters assembly to convert from and to a Leadtools.RasterImage and WPF, Silverlight, WinRT or iOS / macOS objects, or Android classes.

Raster Color and Grayscale

AFP - AFP Format

ANI - Windows Animated Cursor

ANZ - Mayo Clinic Analyze Format

ARW - Sony Digital Camera Format

BMP - Windows and OS/2 Bitmap Formats

CIN - Cineon Format

CLP - Microsoft Windows Clipboard Format

CMP - LEAD Compressed

CMW - LEAD Wavelet Compressed

CRW - Canon RAW Format

CUR - Windows Cursors

CUT - Dr. Halo Format

DCF - Digital Camera Format

DCR - Kodak Professional Digital Camera Format

DCS - Kodak Professional Digital Camera System Format

DIC - DICOM Format

DNG - Adobe Digital Negative Format

DOCX - Microsoft Word Document Format

DOC - Microsoft Word 97-2013 Document Format

DWFX - Autodesk DWF XPS Format

ECW - Enhanced Compressed Wavelet Format

EMF - Windows Metafile Formats

EPS - Encapsulated PostScript Format

EPUB - Electronic Publication Format

EXIF - Exif Formats

FIT - FITS Format

FLC - Flic Animation Format

FLI - Flic Animation Format

GIF - GIF Format

HDP - HD Photo

HTML - HyperText Markup Language Format

ICO - Windows Icons

IFF - Interchange File Formats

INGR - Intergraph Raster File Format

J2K, JP2 - JPEG 2000 Compressed

JPEG-LS - JPEG Lossless Format

JPEG XR - formerly Windows Media Photo and HD Photo

JBG - JBIG Format

JPG - JPEG Compressed

JPM - JPEG 2000 part 6

KDC - Kodak Digital Camera Format

LEAD MRC - LEAD Mixed Raster Content

LEAD PDF MRC - LEAD PDF with Mixed Raster Content

MNG - Multiple Network Graphics Format

MOBI - Mobipocket Format

MRC - Mixed Raster Content

NEF and NRW-Nikon Digital Camera Formats

ORF - Olympus Digital Camera Format

PBM, PGM, PPM, PNM - Portable Bitmap Utilities Format

PCD - Kodak Format

PCT - Macintosh Pict Format

PCX - PCX Format

PDF - Portable Document Format

PNG - Portable Network Graphics Format

PPTX - Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Format

PPT - Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation Format

PSD - PhotoShop 3.0 Format

PST/MSG/EML - Personal Storage Tables, Messages and Emails

PTK - PTOCA Format

RAF - FujiFilm Digital Camera Format

RAS - SUN Raster Format

RAW and RW2-Panasonic Digital Camera Formats

SCT - Scitex Continuous Tone Format

SFF - Structured Fax File Format

SGI - Silicon Graphics Image Format

SNP - MS Access Report Snapshots Format

SR2 - Sony Digital Camera Format

SRF - Sony Digital Camera Format (read only)

TDB - MS Windows Thumbnail Cache Format

TGA - Truevision TARGA Format

TIFF / BigTIFF - Tagged Image File Format

TIFX - Xerox Internet Fax File Format

VFF - SUN TAAC Bitmap Format

WBMP - Wireless Bitmap Format

WMF - Windows Metafile Formats

WMZ - Compressed Windows Metafile Formats

WPG - WordPerfect Format

XLSX - Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Format

XLS - Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Spreadsheet Format

XPM - XPicMap

XWD - X WindowDump

Raster Bitonal (1-Bit)

ABC - ABC Format

ABIC - ABIC Format

AWD - Microsoft FAX Format

CAL - CALS Raster Format

CMP - LEAD 1-Bit Format

FAX - Raw Fax Format

FAX -LaserView LaserDataFormat

ICA - Image Object Content Architecture (ioca/modca)

IMG - GEM Image Format

ITG - Intergraph Format

INGR - Intergraph Raster Format

JB2 - JBIG2 Format

MAC - MacPaint Format

Miscellaneous 1-Bit Formats

MSP - Microsoft Paint

SMP - Xionics Format

TXT - ASCII Text Format

TIFF and BigTIFF - Tagged Image File Format / CCITT

WFX - WinFax Format

X9 - Image Cash Letter Format

XBM - XBitMap Format

XPS - Open XML Paper Specification Format

RTF - Rich Text Format

Raw - Raw Format

PS - PostScript Document Format

FPX - Kodak (PCD and FPX) Formats

Searchable Document Formats (Supported through LEADTOOLS Document Writers)

Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf)

Microsoft Word Document (docx/doc)

Microsoft Rich Text Format (rtf)


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (xls)

HyperText Markup Language (HTML)

Scalable Vector Graphics Format (svg)

Windows Enhanced Meta File (emf)

Microsoft Open XML Paper Specification (xps)

Electronic Publication (epub)

Mobipocket Format (mobi)

Analyzed Layout and Text Object (alto)


CGM - Computer Graphics Metafile

CMX - Corel Presentation Exchange Format

DGN - Intergraph Format

DRW - Micrografx Designer DRaWing

DWF - DWF Format

DWFX - DWFX Format

DWG - DWG Format

DXF - Drawing Interchange Format

E00 - ArcInfo Interchange File Format

GBR - Gerber Format

MIF - MapInfo Interchange File Format

NAP - NAPLPS Format (nap)

PCL/PCL-XL - Printer Command Language Format

PCT - Macintosh Pict Format

PLT - PLT / HPGL Format

SHP - ESRI Shape Format

SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics Format

WPG - WordPerfect Vector Format

WMF - Windows Metafile Formats

WMZ - Compressed Windows Metafile Format

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