How do I Delete a Patient Record From PACS?

  1. Double-click the desktop icon for the LEADTOOLS Patient Updater.

  2. Log onto the application.

  3. Enter the Patient ID of the patient whose record is to be deleted.

    Note: Deleting a Patient Record deletes that patient's information and all series associated with that patient from the PACS server. Deleting a Patient Record is irreversible.

  4. Next, click Search. The Patients list view fills with the results of the search.

  5. Select the name of the patient whose record is to be deleted from the Patients list view on the left side of the dialog. After a patient record is selected, information about all of the series associated with that record appears in the Series list view on the right side of the dialog. Selecting a record also enables the Edit Patient and the Delete Patient buttons.

  6. Clicking Delete Patient opens the Input Reason For Deleting Patient dialog. The OK button is disabled until a reason is entered. Enter the reason for deleting the patient record.

  7. After entering the reason for deleting the patient record, click OK to confirm. The patient record is deleted from the system.

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