Leadtools.Pdf Assembly Changes


Version Changes: 18 to 19

New Members

The following members have been added:

Name Description
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFAnnotation.ViewFlags The view flags associated with this PDFAnnotation object.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFAnnotation.ViewFlagsHidden Hidden view flag.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFAnnotation.ViewFlagsInvisible Invisible view flag.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFAnnotation.ViewFlagsLocked Locked view flag.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFAnnotation.ViewFlagsLockedContents Locked contents view flag.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFAnnotation.ViewFlagsNoRotate No rotate view flag.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFAnnotation.ViewFlagsNoView No view flag.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFAnnotation.ViewFlagsNoZoom No zoom view flag.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFAnnotation.ViewFlagsPrint Print view flag.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFAnnotation.ViewFlagsReadOnly Read-only view flag.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFAnnotation.ViewFlagsToggleNoView Toggle no view flag.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFAutoOptimizerMode - Specifies the mode for automatic PDF document optimization.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFContentType - Specifies PDF content type
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFDocument.#ctor(Stream) Initializes a new PDFDocument from a specified stream containing a PDF file.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFDocument.#ctor(Stream,string) Initializes a new PDFDocument from the specified stream containing a PDF file and (optional) password.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFDocument.DecodeImage(string) Decodes the specified PDF image object embedded in this PDFDocument.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFDocument.Fonts Gets a list of the embedded fonts of this PDFDocument.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFDocument.GetContentType(int) Gets the content type for the specified page of this PDFDocument.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFDocument.GetPageSvg(int,CodecsLoadSvgOptions) Gets the specified page as an SVG document.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFDocument.GetPageSvg(RasterCodecs,int,CodecsLoadSvgOptions) Gets a SVG document representation of a page in the PDF file associated with this PDFDocument.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFDocument.Images Gets a list of the embedded images of this PDFDocument.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFDocument.SecurityOptions Gets the security and encryption options used with this PDF document.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFDocumentPage.FormFields Gets a list of the form fields found in this page.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFDocumentPage.Rotation Gets the rotation angle of this page in degrees.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFDocumentPage.Signatures Gets a list of the digital signatures found in this page.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFDownsamplingMode - Specifies the downsampling mode for the PDF optimizer.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFFile.ClearAnnotations(string) Clears the annotations from an existing PDF file.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFFile.ClearBookmarks(string) Clears the bookmarks and internal links (TOC) from an existing PDF file.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFFile.ConvertToSvg(string,int,int) Converts the specified page of this PDFFile to SVG.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFFile.DrawDocument(IntPtr,int,int) Renders the specified page of the PDF file.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFFile.InitialViewOptions Sets the PDFInitialViewOptions that this PDFFile object uses when creating new PDF files.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFFile.Optimize(string) Optimizes this PDFFile object and writes the PDF data into the specified file.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFFile.OptimizerOptions Sets the PDFOptimizerOptions that this PDFFile object uses when Optimize is called to create a new, optimized PDF file.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFFile.Rotatepages(int[],int,int,string) Rotate one or more pages in an existing PDF file.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFFile.SetInitialView(string) Updates the initial view options of the specified PDF file.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFFile.SignDocument(string,string,string) Adds a digital signature to a PDF document from a PFX file.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFFile.WriteAnnotations(PDFAnnotation,string) Writes annotations to an existing PDF file.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFFile.WriteBookmarks(PDFBookmark,string) Writes bookmarks (TOC) to an existing PDF file.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFFormField - Contains information about a single PDF form field.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFImage - The PDFImage structure describes an image embedded in the PDF file.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFImageType - Specifies the image compression type.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFInitialViewOptions - The PDFInitialViewOptions class provides options for controlling the initial view and actions that should be applied by external viewers when the PDF file is opened.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFObject.ImageObjectNumber PDF image object number.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFOptimizerOptions - The PDFOptimizerOptions class provides options for controlling the PDFFile optimizer.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFPageLayoutType - Specifies the PDF page layout
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFPageModeType - Specifies the PDF page mode
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFPencilAnnotation.LineTo Line to point type.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFPencilAnnotation.MoveTo Move to point type.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFPencilAnnotation.Types The type of each point in this pencil annotation object.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFSecurityOptions.CopyForAccessibilityEnabled Indicates whether text in the PDF document should be accessible for screen reader software.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFSecurityOptions.FormFieldFillingEnabled Indicates whether the software can fill any form fields in the PDF document.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFSignature - Contains information about a single PDF digital signature.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFTextAnnotation.Rotation The rotation angle of the text.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFTextProperties.IsRTL Indicates whether this text is Right to Left.

Removed Members

The following members have been removed:

Name Description
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFFile.WriteAnnotations(PDFAnnotation},string) Writes annotations to an existing PDF file.
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFFile.WriteBookmarks(PDFBookmark},string) Writes bookmarks to an existing PDF file.

Version Changes: 17.5 to 18

New Members

The following members have been added to the existing types:

Member Description
Leadtools.Pdf.PDFAnnotation.Subject Gets or sets the a string that represents the subject of this PDF annotation.

Note icon


Comment icon


Key icon


Help icon


Insert icon


Paragraph icon


New paragraph icon


Solid pen style


Transparent pen style


Dashed pen style

Leadtools.Pdf.PDFPen(Leadtools.RasterColor,Double,Int32) (Constructor) Initializes a Leadtools.Pdf.PDFPen structure with the specified properties

Solid brush style


Transparent brush style

Leadtools.Pdf.PDFBrush(Leadtools.RasterColor,Int32) (Constructor) Initializes a new instance of a Leadtools.Pdf.PDFBrush structure with the specified parameters.

For more information, refer to New in 18.

Version Changes: 17 to 17.5

New Assembly

The following assembly has been added to LEADTOOLS For .NET v17.5:

Namespace Description
Leadtools.Pdf Includes classes, interfaces and enumerations for reading and viewing PDF files with advanced functionality.
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