Image Formats

LEADTOOLS currently supports over 150 different image formats. The topics below include descriptions of all supported image formats, as well as details specific to each format.

Summary of All Supported Image File Formats
File Formats
Loading and Saving Images
Types of File Comments
Multipage File Formats
A Special Note about Loading 12- and 16-Bit Grayscale Images
Controlling Progressive Loads and Saves
Conversion Considerations
Creating a Compressed PDF File
Implementing Exif Features
Implementing Extended FlashPix Support
Implementing GeoKeys (GeoTIFF tags)
Implementing GIF Features
Implementing JBIG Features
Implementing PDF Features
Implementing PhotoCD and FlashPix Features
Implementing TIFF Comments and Tags
LEAD Image Optimization Supported Formats
Loading and Saving Large TIFF/BigTIFF Files
Using the OptimizedLoad Functions to Speed Up Loading Large Files
Working With Private TIFF Tags
Loading File Codecs
PNG Files and Transparency
Programming With JPEG 2000 Features
Thumbnail Browser
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