WPF AnnCurveObject

Note: This topic is for Document/Medical](/sdk/product-overview) only. The curve annotation object (AnnCurveObject) is a sequence of points that are joined by cubic polynomials such that adjacent polynomials are continuous at the first and second derivatives. The result is a smooth, continuous curve going through all the points. With the automated functions, each curve is formed with a mouse click, and the object is completed on a double-click. Programmatically, the points that define this curve object are contained in the Points property, inherited from the AnnPolylineObject class. Each object has a transformation associated with it. This transform is accessed through the RenderTransform property. The [TransformMode property indicates how the transform will be used to transform The WPF annotation object. The AnnCurveObject class inherits a number of properties from the AnnObject class that provide support for font, pen and brush characteristics. These properties are listed below:

The name of the curve object can be controlled using the following properties, inherited from the AnnObject class:

The boundaries and location of the curve object can be controlled using the following properties, also inherited from the AnnObject class:

An object can be part of a group annotation object or part of a container object. It cannot be part of both a group and a container at the same time. The following properties can also be used to programmatically set characteristics of an AnnCurveObject class object:

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