Summary of All Image File Formats Supported in WPF

Some file formats require additional licensing and/or unlock keys. For the most current listing of licensing requirements, refer to: Supported File Formats

Raster Color and Grayscale

ANI - Windows Animated Cursor

CLP - Microsoft Windows Clipboard Format

CMP - LEAD Compressed

CMW - LEAD Wavelet Compressed

CUR - Windows Cursors

DIC - DICOM Format

EMF - Windows Metafile Formats

EPS - Encapsulated PostScript Format

EXIF - Exif Formats

FLC - Flic Animation Format

GIF - GIF Format

HDP - HD Photo Format

ICO - Windows Icons

IFF - Interchange File formats

JPG - JPEG Compressed

JP2 - JPEG 2000 Compressed

LEAD MRC - LEAD Mixed Raster Content

PBM - Portable Bitmap Utilities Format

PCX - PCX Format

PNG - Portable Network Graphics Format

PSD - PhotoShop 3.0 Format

RAS - SUN Raster Format

SGI - Silicon Graphics Image Format

TGA - Truevision TARGA Format

TIFF - Tagged Image File Format

WMF - Windows Metafile Formats

WPG - WordPerfect Format

XPM - XPicMap

XWD - X WindowDump

Raster Bitonal (1-Bit)

ABC - ABC Format

CAL - CALS Raster Format

CMP - LEAD 1-Bit Format

ICA - Image Object Content Architecture (ioca/modca)

IMG - GEM Image Format

ITG - Intergraph Format

JB2 - JBIG2 Format

MAC - MacPaint Format

Microsoft Open XML Paper Specification (xps)

MNG - Multiple Network Graphics Format

MRC - Mixed Raster Content

MSP - Microsoft Paint

SMP - Xionics Format

TIFF - Tagged Image File Format / CCITT

Windows Enhanced Meta File (EMF)

XBM - XBitMap Format XPS - XML Paper Specification Format

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