Azure Cloud Storage

(External Store Add-in)

Select Azure Cloud Storage in the External Store drop down to see the configuration options:

The following table explains each of the configuration options.  After obtaining Microsoft Azure cloud storage credentials (Account Name, Account Key, and Container Name), configure the Azure External store add-in and click the Apply button. 



Account Name

You must obtain an account name from Microsoft

Account Key

You must obtain an account key from Microsoft

Container Name

You must obtain a container name from Microsoft





Store Locally


The choices are as follows:

  • Checked
    • When storing datasets (either through the Database Manager, or using a DICOM SCU Client demo), the DICOM datasets are initially stored locally, and not directly to the external store
    • DICOM datasets are then configured to be stored on the cloud and cleaned locally through the external store scheduler options
  • Unchecked
    • When DICOM datasets are stored, they are copied directly to the cloud (and not copied to the local store)

    Click the Verify button.  You should receive a message indicating that the settings are valid, as follows:

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