Annotation Objects

Types of WPF Annotation Objects
WPF AnnAudioObject
WPF AnnButtonObject
WPF AnnClosedCurveObject
WPF AnnCrossProductObject
WPF AnnCurveObject
WPF AnnEllipseObject
WPF AnnEncryptObject
WPF AnnFreehandHotspotObject
WPF AnnHiliteObject
WPF AnnHotspotObject
WPF AnnImageObject
WPF AnnLineObject
WPF AnnNoteObject
WPF AnnPointerObject
WPF AnnPointObject
WPF AnnPolygonObject
WPF AnnPolylineObject
WPF AnnPolyRulerObject
WPF AnnProtractorObject
WPF AnnRectangleObject
WPF AnnRedactionObject
WPF AnnRichTextObject
WPF AnnRubberStampObject
WPF AnnRulerObject
WPF AnnSelectObject
WPF AnnStampObject
WPF AnnTextObject
WPF AnnTextPointerObject
WPF AnnVideoObject
WPF AnnTextRollupObject
Using Pictures in WPF Annotation Objects
Using Primary and Secondary Pictures in WPF Annotation Objects
Using Protractors in WPF Annotation Objects
Using Rulers in WPF Annotation Objects
Using Text in WPF Annotation Objects
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