CCOW Subject Data Definition Constraints

Subject Data Definition Constraints

Data definitions for identity subjects include at least one identifier data item and include zero or more corroborating data item definitions. Identity subjects should not include data definitions for annotation, action inputs, or action output data items.

The data definitions for annotation subjects include at least one annotation data item. Annotation subjects are not allowed to have data definitions for identifiers, corroborating identifiers, action inputs or action output items. The action subject should include a data definition for at least one data item for action input and at least one data item for action output. Identifier, corroborating, and annotation data items are not allowed for an action subjects.

An identity subject may have dependencies on other identity subjects and should never have dependencies on annotation subjects. An annotation subject should always have a dependency on an identity subject. An action subject should never depend on other subjects and other subjects should not depend on action subjects. Always use the English language for context data names. The local language can be used for data item values.

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