CCOW View Identity Subjects

View Identity Subjects

The View Identity subject represents a particular view, screen or presentation for each application in a context sharing setting. The View subject collectively renders a coordinated series of data to support a user's task. Views are site specific and are defined to accommodate specific user roles, a specific user, and specific groups of users. The data values for View subjects are an alphanumeric strings and items.

View subjects have the following attributes:

Subject Label “View”
Subject type Identity
Synchronization Temporary
Security None
Subject Dependencies None
Mapping Agent Coupon Value -10

A View mapping agent configures site-specific mappings of View data values to accommodate different applications in the context system. A site-defined suffix is used with the name of the subject's identifier items. A View-Link-enabled application should be configurable to use site-specific suffixes to set and get view context data.

All View-Link-enabled applications are required to support the pre-defined View subject values “Stay” and “Home”. “Stay” means an application should not change its current view or when not possible to remain in the current view should present a view close to the current view. “Home” means that the application should display its highest-level view or its default view. The View mapping agent can be used to set the View subject's value for an application to one of the pre-defined values in the previous table or set it to empty. This allows an application to be unconstrained in its response to a view context change by another application. An application should not set the View context when it is a participant in a context change transaction instigated by another application.

View subjects have the following standard context data items listed in the following table:

View Subject Identifier Item Name Meaning Data Type Semantic Constraints on Values Case Sensitivity
View.Id.View.Suffix The application view to be presented ST None No

Examples of View Subject Items are listed in the following table:

Example Item Names Example Item Values
View.Id.View.PM_Clinical Workstation Meds
View.Id.View.RadView Medications
User.Id.Logon.CareView gs1229
View.Id.View.RisView MedicationHistory
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