WPF AnnEncryptObject

Note: This topic is for Document/Medical only.

The encryption annotation object (AnnEncryptObject) is a rectangle with default properties that are appropriate to encrypt/decrypt an area. With the automated functions, the user clicks and drags to specify the rectangle in the current window. Programmatically, the boundaries and location of the encrypt object can be controlled using the following properties:

The AnnEncryptObject class inherits a number of properties from the AnnObject class that provide support for font, stroke and fill characteristics. These properties are listed below:

The name of the encrypt object can be controlled using the following properties, inherited from the AnnObject class:

The following properties may be used in transforming an encrypt annotation object:

An encrypt annotation object can be in one of two states: either it is an encryptor, or it is a decryptor. It can be changed from one state to the other using a key. When the encrypt annotation object is in the encrypt state it has a particular picture associated with it. When it is in the decryptor state, it has a different picture associated with it. The following properties are used in determining the current state of an encrypt annotation, setting its state and associating a particular picture with each state:

An object can be part of a group annotation object or part of a container object. It cannot be part of both a group and a container at the same time. The following properties can also be used to programmatically set characteristics of an AnnEncryptObject class object:

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