LEAD Technologies is pleased to announce the release of LEADTOOLS Version 18. This bountiful new release is highlighted by new LEADTOOLS Anywhere™ native libraries for WinRT, iOS, OS X, Android, and Linux, along with major updates to LEADTOOLS Document, Medical, and Multimedia technology for Win32/64, .NET, and HTML5.


LEADTOOLS Anywhere™ extends LEAD Technologies' award winning LEADTOOLS Imaging SDKs to every major development platform. This initiative began last year with the release of SDKs for HTML5 and WinRT. The HTML5 SDKs made it possible to develop zero-footprint web applications and WinRT laid the necessary foundation for porting LEADTOOLS to other native platforms. With LEADTOOLS 18, LEAD has further expanded the reach of its Imaging SDKs by offering native libraries for iOS, OS X, Android, and Linux development. All core LEADTOOLS imaging technology is natively supported in each of these platforms, including viewing, annotation and markup, OCR, OMR, forms processing, 1D and 2D barcode, PDF, DICOM, and support for over 150 file formats and 200 image processing functions.

Changes to the LEADTOOLS Product Line

With the changes brought by LEADTOOLS Anywhere, the LEADTOOLS product line has been streamlined to make it easier to select what you need. Though there are fewer products and add-ons, each is packed with more features than ever before!

Raster Imaging Family

  • Imaging Pro SDK
  • 1D Barcode Module
  • 2D Barcode Module
  • Imaging HTML5 Module

Vector Imaging Family

All vector imaging technology is now included in all Document and Medical Imaging SDK products.

Document Imaging Family

  • Document Imaging SDK
  • Recognition Imaging SDK
  • Document Imaging Suite SDK
  • 1D Barcode Module (included in Recognition Imaging and Document Imaging Suite)
  • 2D Barcode Module (included in Recognition Imaging and Document Imaging Suite)
  • OCR Advantage Module (included in Recognition Imaging and Document Imaging Suite)
  • OCR Professional Module
  • Arabic OCR Professional Module
  • Asian OCR Professional Module
  • ICR Professional Module
  • Document HTML5 Module (included in Document Imaging Suite)

Medical Imaging Family

  • Medical Imaging SDK
  • PACS Imaging SDK
  • Medical Imaging Suite SDK
  • Medical Multimedia Module (included in Medical Imaging Suite)
  • Medical HTML5 Module (included in Medical Imaging Suite)
  • Any Document Imaging Add-on

Multimedia Imaging Family

  • Multimedia SDK
  • Multimedia Suite SDK
  • DVD Module (included in Multimedia Suite)
  • Video Streaming Module (included in Multimedia Suite)
  • MPEG-2 Transport Module (included in Multimedia Suite)

If you have any questions about the new product line or are upgrading from a previous LEADTOOLS version, please contact sales@leadtools.com

What's new in the LEADTOOLS Document Engine


  • Improved overall speed and recognition accuracy in the Advantage OCR engine
  • Automatically detect, segment, and recognize multiple languages on the same document
  • Specialized image enhancements for mobile images
  • Enhanced font support including underlined text and font size detection and recognition
  • Improved image cleanup and preprocessing of dithered and noisy images
  • Increased table cell accuracy
  • Font detection and recognition enhancements


  • Full support for reading, displaying, editing, and writing native PDF Annotations, and drawing markup
    • Including comment, highlight, text, arrow, line, review, and shapes
  • Convert PDF annotations to and from LEADTOOLS annotations for live editing support
  • Added options to control annotation rendering when loading PDF as raster with support for No Appearance Stream annotations
  • Annotation support added to the PDF Document Demo


  • Universal design that works across all development platforms and interfaces
  • New Rich Text object
  • Enhanced printing support


  • New "smart auto-preprocessing" function that detects the barcode type and then applies different preprocessing algorithms for optimal results

Additional Document Updates

  • New automated Line Remove function
  • Improved blank page detection
  • Enhanced image, tables, bullets, and transparency support for DOC, DOCX, PPT, and PPTX formats
  • Improved rasterization of vector files (DXF, DWG, SVG, SGM, PCL, and more) in the .NET interface

Click here for more information on all features within the LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Engine.

What's new in the LEADTOOLS Medical Engine

HTML5 Medical Viewer

  • Added support for Patient Projection and Orientation
  • Explode and implode for JavaScript
  • New Row Symmetric and Column Symmetric feature allows for full customization of study and series level layout
  • Drag and Drop support
  • Improved reference line support, including first and last reference line support
  • Optimized stack operation
  • Now compatible with Apache Cordova to run as a native app on iOS and Android

Desktop Medical Viewer

Click here for more information on all features within the LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Engine.

pet ct fusion image

What's new in the LEADTOOLS Multimedia Engine

  • New Multimedia toolkit based on Microsoft Media Foundation
    • Playback, Conversion and Capture controls
    • MPEG-4 Decoder
    • MPEG-4 Encoder
    • H.264 Decoder
    • H.263 Decoder
    • MPEG-2 Decoder
    • AAC Decoder
    • AC3 Encoder
    • AMR Decoder
    • MKV Media Sink
    • MPEG-2 Transport Media Source
    • MPEG-2 Program Media Source
    • ISO Media Source
    • Ogg Media Source
    • LEAD FLV Media Source
    • LEAD MKV Media Source
    • LEAD MXF Media Source
    • LEAD Volume Control Transform
    • LEAD Video Deinterlace Transform
    • LEAD Video Callback Transform
    • LEAD Video Resize Transform
    • LEAD Video Rotation Transform
    • LEAD Video Stabilizer Transform
    • LEAD Video Text Overlay Transform
  • New RTSP Server Sink

Click here for more information on all features within the LEADTOOLS Multimedia Imaging Engine.

What's new in the LEADTOOLS Imaging Engine

  • HTML5 and JavaScript viewing, formats, and image processing is now available as an add-on to Imaging Pro
  • Added new TIFF sub formats to WinRT for JPEG 2000, JBIG, and JBIG2 compression
  • JavaScript image processing support
  • New Stretch Intensity algorithm
  • New Temperature image processing function

Click here for more information on all features within the LEADTOOLS Imaging Engine.

Overall, LEADTOOLS Version 18 is the most ambitious release from LEAD Technologies to date. With the new LEADTOOLS Anywhere™ libraries and a continually evolving collection of imaging technology, the stage is set for LEAD's continued dominance over the imaging SDK market for years to come.