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.NET 6+
Annotation (Image Mark up)            
Barcode: 1D and 2D              
Common Dialogs    
Compression: ABIC            
Compression: CCITT    
Compression: CMP  
Compression: CMW  
Compression: Deflate (ZIPLIB)    
Compression: Image Optimizer    
Compression: JBIG            
Compression: JPEG  
Compression: JPEG 2000  
Compression: JPEG 2000 Part 2 (JPX)            
Compression: JPEG LS    
Compression: JPEG XR    
Compression: JPIP Client            
Compression: LZW    
Compression: RLE    
DICOM: Basic                      
DICOM: Data Set                      
DICOM: Communication                        
DICOM: Hanging Protocol                      
DICOM: PACS Client & Server                        
DICOM: PACS Workstation Framework                        
DICOM: Storage Server Framework                        
DICOM: Security                      
DICOM: Waveform                      
Document Analyzer                    
Document Compare (HTML/JavaScript)              
Document Converter              
Document Editor (HTML/JavaScript)                  
Document Framework            
Document Viewer (HTML/JavaScript)              
Document Viewer (.NET)            
Document Writers            
DVD Creation              
Format: SVG            
Formats: General  
Formats: Document          
Formats: Multimedia                      
Formats: Vector              
Forms: General Forms Recognition & Processing                    
Forms: Business Card Recognition                  
Forms: Check Recognition & Processing                  
Forms: Identification Recognition & Processing                    
Forms: Invoice Recognition & Processing                    
Forms: Passport Recognition & Processing                  
HTML/JavaScript Annotations              
HTML/JavaScript Document Editing Control                  
HTML/JavaScript Document Viewing Controls              
HTML/JavaScript Dental Viewing Controls                        
HTML/JavaScript DICOM Viewing Controls                        
HTML/JavaScript Excel Controls                  
HTML/JavaScript Image Viewing Controls      
Image Display: Bitonal Scale to Gray            
Image Display: 12-16 bit Extended Grayscale            
Image Display: Special Effects    
Image Display: Medical Image Viewer                      
Image Display: Pan Window    
Image Display: Tiled Images    
Image Display: Window Leveling            
Image Processing: Color Conversion  
Image Processing: Color Space Conversion  
Image Processing: Document Cleanup            
Image Processing: Drawing  
Image Processing: Filters  
Image Processing: General  
Image Processing: Medical                      
Image Processing: MRC Segmentation            
Image Processing: Transforms  
Media Writer              
Medical 3D                      
MPEG-2 Transport                      
Multimedia Capture                  
Multimedia Compression                  
Multimedia Conversion                  
Multimedia Playback                  
Multimedia Processing                  
Multimedia Streaming                      
PDF: Read, Write, Compress            
PDF: Edit            
PDF: View as Raster            
PDF: View/Convert as Vector            
PDF: OCR PDF Output                  
PDF: Digital Signatures            
Print to PACS                      
Region of Interest  
SOAP & RESTful Web Services    
Scanning: Fast TWAIN            
Scanning: HTML/JavaScript Web Scanning    
Scanning: TWAIN (32/64-bit Drivers)    
Scanning: WIA (32/64-bit Drivers)    
Screen Capture  
Speech Recognition                  
Virtual Printer (Print Capture)              
Xamarin Camera Control