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Leadtools.ImageOptimization Namespace

Inheritance Hierarchy


Overview and description of Leadtools ImageOptimization classes, delegates, enumerations, and structures.

Class Description
ImageOptimizer Provides methods to optimize one image or a directory of images in one of the supported formats.
ImageOptimizerDirectoryData Provides data for the ImageOptimizerDirectory callback method.
Structure Description
ImageOptimizerOptions Provides options to be used by the ImageOptimizer.OptimizeBuffer and the ImageOptimizer.OptimizeDirectory methods, to optimize the image and save it using the optimal bits per pixel.
Delegate Description
ImageOptimizerDirectory Called during the directory optimization operation to give the user information about the image(s) being optimized.
ImageOptimizerProgress Called during the buffer optimization operation to notify the user of the percent completion of the optimization operation.
Enumeration Description
ImageOptimizerDirectoryStatus Indicates the status of the current optimization directory.
ImageOptimizerJpegColorSpace Indicates the color space to be used when optimizing a Jpeg Image.
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