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OnPrintJobReport Method

Called when a Print Job status report is received from the Print SCP.
public virtual void OnPrintJobReport( 
   string printJobInstanceUid, 
   int eventTypeID, 
   DicomPrintJobReportInformation reportInformation 
virtual void OnPrintJobReport(  
   String^ printJobInstanceUid, 
   int eventTypeID, 
   DicomPrintJobReportInformation^ reportInformation 


The SOP Instance UID of the Print Job SOP Instance for which the status report was sent.

Specifies the Event Type ID which indicates the status of the Print Job. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
1 Event Type Name = Pending.
2 Event Type Name = Printing.
3 Event Type Name = Done.
4 Event Type Name = Failure.

A DicomPrintJobReportInformation object that specifies Print Job information. This can be a null reference (Nothing in VB).


This callback method is called whenever the Print SCU receives a report from the Print SCP about the changes in the status of a Print Job. The intended Print Job is specified by its SOP Instance UID. If the Print Job SOP Class is supported on the Association, this method is expected to be called. Otherwise, it will never be called. If the status of the Print Job is Pending or Failure, the Print SCP is supposed to supply additional information about the pending/error condition in the Attribute Execution Status Info (the property ExecutionStatusInfo of the DicomPrintJobReportInformation class).

The implementation of the DicomPrintScu class for this method simply does nothing. In order to make use of this callback method, you should create a new class derived from the DicomPrintScu class and override the method providing the desired implementation.


For an example, refer to Associate.


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