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BeginEditSequence(DicomElement,bool,long) Method

Used to create a new DICOM sequence, or edit an existing DICOM sequence.
public DicomDataSet BeginEditSequence( 
   DicomElement element, 
   bool tree, 
   long tag 
DicomDataSet^ BeginEditSequence(  
   DicomElement^ element, 
   bool tree, 
   int64 tag 


an item in the data set

true to evaluate the Data Set as a tree; false to evaluate the Data Set as a list.

tag number of the DICOM element sequence

Return Value

a reference to the DicomDataSet


This method is used to begin editing an existing DICOM sequence, or to create a new DICOM sequence. It is part of a group of four methods that are to be used together. The four methods are listed below:

These methods are part of a fluent interface that are used to easily work with DICOM sequences. The methods can be chained together to create easily human readable code to create a sequence.

The DICOM sequence is created at the root of the DICOM data set by passing null for the parameter element, and true for the parameter tree. To create a sequence that is part of another sequence item, pass the sequence item element for the paramter element, and false for the parameter tree. For more information on the element and tree paramters, see FindFirstElement.

The format of the code for creating a sequence is as follows:


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