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DeleteFilmBox Method

Requests the Print SCP to delete the current Basic Film Box SOP Instance.
public void DeleteFilmBox() 
void DeleteFilmBox();  

Two of the exceptions that can be thrown by this method are:

Exception Type Condition
DicomExceptionCode.PrintSCUFailureStatus The response of the Print SCP specifies a Failure status code.
DicomExceptionCode.PrintSCUClassNotSupported Neither the Basic Grayscale Print Management Meta SOP Class nor the Basic Color Print Management Meta SOP Class is supported on the Association.

There must be a Film Box currently created before using this method.

The method will not return until it receives the response of the Print SCP, or an error occurs. The method GetLastOperationStatus can be used to obtain the status code specified in the response of the Print SCP. If the method DeleteFilmBox is successful, the Film Box was deleted successfully, with either a Success or Warning status code in the response of the Print SCP.

Notice that deleting the Film Box will cause all the referenced Image Boxes and Annotation Boxes to be deleted also.


For an example, refer to Associate.


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