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DicomPaletteColorLutAttributes Class

This DicomPaletteColorLutAttributes class is used by the method GetPaletteColorLutAttributes and SetPaletteColorLutAttributes to get and set the attributes that describe the "Palette Color Lookup Table".
public class DicomPaletteColorLutAttributes 
@interface LTDicomPaletteColorLutAttributes : NSObject 
public class DicomPaletteColorLutAttributes  
public ref class DicomPaletteColorLutAttributes  
  • The properties of this class are based on the attributes of the "Palette Color Lookup Module". Please see "Palette Color Lookup Module" in the DICOM standard for more details.
  • According to the DICOM standard when the number of table entries under the "Palette Color Lookup Table" is equal to 2^16 then the number of entries should be 0. However, the 2 methods, GetPaletteColorLutAttributes and SetPaletteColorLutAttributes, do NOT have this limitation. When you call GetPaletteColorLutAttributes it will automatically set the value inside the dataset to 0 if NumberOfEntries is equal to 2^16. The same applies to SetPaletteColorLutAttributes.
using Leadtools; 
using Leadtools.Dicom; 
public void TestPaletteColorLut() 
   string dicomFileName = Path.Combine(LEAD_VARS.ImagesDir, "DICOM", "image3.dcm"); 
   //Make sure to initialize the DICOM engine, this needs to be done only once  
   //In the whole application 
   using (DicomDataSet ds = new DicomDataSet()) 
      int paletteColorLutSize = 65536; 
      //Load DICOM File 
      ds.Load(dicomFileName, DicomDataSetLoadFlags.None); 
      DicomPaletteColorLutAttributes paletteColorLutAttributes = new DicomPaletteColorLutAttributes(); 
      // Initialize Red Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor (0028,1101)  
      paletteColorLutAttributes.RedFirstStoredPixelValueMapped = 0; 
      paletteColorLutAttributes.RedEntryBits = 16; 
      paletteColorLutAttributes.RedNumberOfEntries = paletteColorLutSize; 
      // Initialize Green Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor (0028,1102)  
      paletteColorLutAttributes.GreenFirstStoredPixelValueMapped = 0; 
      paletteColorLutAttributes.GreenEntryBits = 16; 
      paletteColorLutAttributes.GreenNumberOfEntries = paletteColorLutSize; 
      // Initialize Blue Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor (0028,1103)  
      paletteColorLutAttributes.BlueFirstStoredPixelValueMapped = 0; 
      paletteColorLutAttributes.BlueEntryBits = 16; 
      paletteColorLutAttributes.BlueNumberOfEntries = paletteColorLutSize; 
      int[] LutData = new int[paletteColorLutSize]; 
      for (int i = 0; i < paletteColorLutSize; i++) 
         LutData[i] = i; 
      ds.SetPaletteColorLutData(LutData, DicomPaletteColorLutType.Red); 
      ds.SetPaletteColorLutData(LutData, DicomPaletteColorLutType.Green); 
      ds.SetPaletteColorLutData(LutData, DicomPaletteColorLutType.Blue); 
      DicomPaletteColorLutAttributes attributes = ds.GetPaletteColorLutAttributes(); 
      if (attributes != null) 
         Debug.Assert(attributes.RedNumberOfEntries == paletteColorLutSize); 
         Debug.Assert(attributes.GreenNumberOfEntries == paletteColorLutSize); 
         Debug.Assert(attributes.BlueNumberOfEntries == paletteColorLutSize); 
         int[] data = ds.GetPaletteColorLutData(DicomPaletteColorLutType.Red); 
         // Do something with the data 
      ds.Save(Path.Combine(LEAD_VARS.ImagesDir, "DICOM", "PLUT.dcm"), DicomDataSetSaveFlags.None); 
static class LEAD_VARS 
   public const string ImagesDir = @"C:\LEADTOOLS22\Resources\Images"; 

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