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DicomNet Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property Association Gets the DICOM Association for the DICOM Network object.
Public Property DefaultSocketOptions Gets the default DICOM socket options.
Public Property Flags Get or set options for DICOM communication.
Public Property HostAddress Gets the IP address of the host computer (the SCP's address).
Public Property HostPort Gets the port number of the host (the SCP's port).
Public Property IpType Returns the DicomNetIpTypeFlags used in a Connect or a Listen
Public Property OptimizedMemorySend Gets or sets the option to optimize memory usage when sending data sets to a server This option works when DicomNetSecurityMode is set to None
Public Property PeerAddress Gets the IP address of the peer computer of the connection (the SCU's address).
Public Property PeerPort Gets the port number of the peer computer of the connection (the SCU's port).
Public Property SecurityMode Gets the security mode used to initialize the network structure.
Public Property SocketOptions Gets or sets the DICOM Socket options.

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