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DeleteImage Method

Deletes one or more images from a Pixel Data element.
public void DeleteImage(  
   DicomElement element, 
   int index, 
   int count 
public void deleteImage(DicomElement element, int index, int count) 
void DeleteImage(  
   DicomElement^ element, 
   int index, 
   int count 


An item in the Data Set.

The zero-based index of the first frame to delete.

Value that represents the number of frames to delete from the Pixel Data Element.


As an example, if you wish to delete 50 images starting with the 50th frame in the Pixel Data, call this method with index set to 49 (the 50th frame in a zero-based index) and count set to 50. Most DICOM files will only have one Data Element of type DicomTag.PixelData. Therefore, in most instances you can set element to null, since the method will automatically retrieve information about the image at the specified index within the only Pixel Data Element in the file. If element is not null, it must point to the Pixel Data Element itself.

If the DICOM file is DicomClassType.BasicDirectory, the file may contain more than one Pixel Data Element. In this case you must specify in element the Pixel Data Element from to delete the image(s).

If the DICOM dataset has a Multi-frame Functional Groups module that contains an item that has a Per-frame Functional Groups Sequenceitem, the corresponding item is removed from the dataset. If there is a Shared Functional Groups Sequence item, it will not be removed. For a detailed discussion on Multi-frame Functional Groups see the topic Multi-frame Functional Groups.


For an example, refer to GetImage.


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