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DicomCommandStatusType Enumeration

Represents the possible command status types.
public enum DicomCommandStatusType 
Public Enum DicomCommandStatusType 
   enum class DicomCommandStatusType sealed 
Value (HEX)MemberDescription
0x0000 Success Success.
0x0105 NoSuchAttribute No such attribute.
0x0106 InvalidAttributeValue Invalid attribute value.
0x0107 AttributeListError Attribute list error.
0x0110 ProcessingFailure Processing failure.
0x0111 DuplicateInstance Duplicate instance.
0x0112 NoSuchObjectInstance No such object instance.
0x0113 NoSuchEventType No such event type.
0x0114 NoSuchArgument No such argument.
0x0115 InvalidArgumentValue Invalid argument.
0x0116 AttributeOutOfRange Attribute value out of range.
0x0117 InvalidObjectInstance Invalid object instance.
0x0118 NoSuchClass No such class.
0x0119 ClassInstanceConflict Class-instance conflict.
0x0120 MissingAttribute Missing attribute.
0x0121 MissingAttributeValue Missing attribute value.
0x0122 ClassNotSupported Class not supported.
0x0123 NoSuchActionType No such action type.
0x0124 RefusedNotAuthorized Refused not authorized.
0x0131 DuplicateTransactionUid Duplicate transaction UID The Transaction UID of the Storage Commitment Request is already in use.
0x0210 DuplicateInvocation Duplicate invocation.
0x0211 UnrecognizedOperation Unrecognized operation.
0x0212 MistypedArgument Mistyped argument.
0x0213 ResourceLimitation Resource limitation.
0xA700 RefusedOutOfResources Out of Resources.
0xA701 RefusedUnableToCalculateMatches Out of Resources: unable to calculate number of matches.
0xA702 RefusedUnableToPerformSuboperations Out of Resources: unable to perform suboperations.
0xA801 RefusedMoveDestinationUnknown Move destination unknown.
0xB000 Warning Sub-operations complete: one or more failures.
0xC000‬ No member defined Cannot Understand - Implementation specific error.
0xC001 Failure Failure.
0xC002 Reserved2 Reserved.
0xC003 Reserved3 Reserved.
0xC004 Reserved4 Reserved.
0xC005-0xCFFF‬ No member defined Cannot Understand - Implementation specific error.
0xFE00 Cancel Cancel.
0xFF00 Pending Matches are continuing: current match is supplied and any Optional Keys were supported in the same manner as Required Keys.
0xFF01 PendingWarning Matches are continuing: warning that one or more Optional Keys were not supported for existence and/or matching for this Identifier.

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