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DicomContextGroupTable Class

The LDicomContextGroup class provides functionality for working with a table of Context Groups (the Context Group Table). The Context Groups defined by the DICOM Content Mapping Resource (DCMR), which is specified by PS 3.16 of the DICOM Standard, are maintained by LEADTOOLS in an internal table. The class offers properties and methods that allow you to do the following: Load the desired Context Groups from the internal table into the Context Group Table

Insert Context Groups and Coded Concepts to the Context Group Table

Maneuver through the Context Group Table

Search the Context Group Table for a specific Context Group or Coded Concept

Delete Context Groups and Coded Concepts from the Context Group Table

Modify the Code Meanings of Coded Concepts

Restore Context Groups

For more information, refer to Working with Context Groups.

public class DicomContextGroupTable 
@interface LTDicomContextGroupTable : NSObject 
public ref class DicomContextGroupTable  

For an example, refer to Insert.


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