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DicomFilmBoxParameters Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by DicomFilmBoxParameters.

Public Constructors

Name Description
Public Constructor DicomFilmBoxParameters Initializes a new instance of the DicomFilmBoxParameters class.

Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property AnnotationDisplayFormatID Gets or sets the Annotation Display Format ID (2010,0030).
Public Property BorderDensity Gets or sets the Border Density (2010,0100).
Public Property ConfigurationInformation Gets or sets the Configuration Information (2010,0150).
Public Property EmptyImageDensity Gets or sets the Empty Image Density (2010,0110).
Public Property FilmOrientation Gets or sets the Film Orientation (2010,0040).
Public Property FilmSizeID Gets or sets the Film Size ID (2010,0050).
Public Property Illumination Gets or sets the Illumination (2010,015E).
Public Property ImageDisplayFormat Gets or sets the Image Display Format (2010,0010).
Public Property MagnificationType Gets or sets the Magnification Type (2010,0060).
Public Property MaxDensity Gets or sets the Max Density (2010,0130).
Public Property MinDensity Gets or sets the Min Density (2010,0120).
Public Property ReflectedAmbientLight Gets or sets the Reflected Ambient Light (2010,0160).
Public Property RequestedResolutionID Gets or sets the Requested Resolution ID (2020,0050).
Public Property SmoothingType Gets or sets the Smoothing Type (2010,0080).
Public Property Trim Gets or sets the Trim (2010,0140).

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