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DicomDataSet Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property static  | Shared in VB DefaultDicomTempPath Gets or sets a global default location of the temporary files used by DicomDataSet and DicomNet objects.
Public Property DefaultJpeg2000Options Gets the default JPEG 2000 compression options.
Public Property GetValueResult Holds the result after a call to GetValue.
Public Property InformationClass Gets the IOD class of the Data Set.
Public Property InformationCommand Gets the command associated with the Command Set.
Public Property InformationFlags Gets the Meta-header flags and Transfer Syntax flags that indicate the file characteristics.
Public Property InsertElementAndSetValueResult Holds the result after a call to InsertElementAndSetValue.
Public Property IsRequestCommand Gets or sets a value indicating whether the Command Set is a request or a response.
Public Property Jpeg2000Options Gets or sets the JPEG 2000 compression options.
Public Property LayerCount Gets the number of the Graphic Layers.
Public Property ModuleCount Gets the number of modules in the entire Data Set.
Public Property OverlayCount Gets the number of overlays in the Data Set.
Public Property VoiLutCount Gets the number of items under the VOI LUT Sequence (0028,3010).
Public Property WaveformGroupCount Gets the number of waveform multiplex groups that are included in the dataset.

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