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InsertDataSet Method

Adds a DICOM Data Set to the DICOM Directory.
public void InsertDataSet( 
   DicomDataSet dataSet, 
   string fileName 
- (BOOL)insertDataSet:(LTDicomDataSet *)dataSet fileName:(nullable NSString *)fileName error:(NSError **)error; 
void InsertDataSet(  
   DicomDataSet^ dataSet, 
   String^ fileName 


A DicomDataSet object that holds the Data Set to be added to the DICOM Directory.

The name of the DICOM file referenced by the passed DicomDataSet object.


If the name of a DICOM file is to be specified, then before using this method, a destination folder must have been specified, either at the construction time or by the method Reset. Otherwise, the method will fail. The DICOM filename must refer to an existing file that resides in the destination folder or in a subfolder of the destination folder. Otherwise, the method will fail and the Data Set will not be added to the DICOM directory. Please notice that the filename passed to the method must specify the absolute path of the file, not the relative one.

If fileName is set to a null reference (Nothing in VB), a Data Set can still be added, even if no destination folder is specified. (That is, if fileName is set to a null reference and the destination folder has not been set, a Data Set can still be added.) In this case, no DICOM file will be referenced for this Data Set (i.e., the corresponding Referenced File ID (0004,1500) will have an empty value).


For an example, refer to Reset.


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