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UsePredictor Property

Gets a value indicating whether to use a predictor when saving LZW data.
public bool UsePredictor { get; set; } 
@property (nonatomic, assign, getter=usesPredictor) BOOL usePredictor; 
public boolean getUsePredictor() 
public void setUsePredictor(boolean value) 
property bool UsePredictor { 
   bool get(); 
   void set (    bool ); 
UsePredictor # get and set (CodecsTiffSaveOptions) 

Property Value

Value Description
true To enable the use of a predictor when saving LZW data.
false To disable the use of a predictor when saving LZW data. The default value is false.

This is for TIF LZW or Raw LZW data that is 8 bpp or more. This property is ignored if the LZW data is less than 8 bpp.

using Leadtools; 
using Leadtools.Codecs; 
using Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Core; 
public void CodecsTiffOptionsExample() 
   RasterCodecs codecs = new RasterCodecs(); 
   string srcFileName = Path.Combine(LEAD_VARS.ImagesDir, "OCR1.TIF"); 
   // Get all Information about the Tiff file that you want to load. 
   CodecsImageInfo imageInfo = codecs.GetInformation(srcFileName, true); 
   if (imageInfo.Tiff.IsImageFileDirectoryOffsetValid) 
      codecs.Options.Tiff.Load.ImageFileDirectoryOffset = imageInfo.Tiff.ImageFileDirectoryOffset; 
      codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.ImageFileDirectoryOffset = imageInfo.Tiff.ImageFileDirectoryOffset; 
   // CodecsTiffOptions & CodecsTiffLoadOptions reference 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Load.UseImageFileDirectoryOffset = imageInfo.Tiff.IsImageFileDirectoryOffsetValid; 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.UseImageFileDirectoryOffset = imageInfo.Tiff.IsImageFileDirectoryOffsetValid; 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Load.IgnorePhotometricInterpretation = true; 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Load.IgnoreViewPerspective = false; 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Load.UseFastConversion = false; 
   RasterImage image = codecs.Load(srcFileName); 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.NoPalette = imageInfo.Tiff.HasNoPalette; 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.PreservePalette = imageInfo.Tiff.HasNoPalette; 
   // Set the tiffSave options 
   // CodecsTiffSaveOptions reference 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.NoPageNumber = false; 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.NoSubFileType = false; 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.UsePhotometricInterpretation = true; 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.PhotometricInterpretation = CodecsTiffPhotometricInterpretation.YcbCr; 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.UseTileSize = true; 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.TileHeight = 200; 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.TileWidth = 200; 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.NoLzwAutoClear = false; 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.SavePlanar = false; 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.UsePredictor = false; 
   // make the output file have the same format as the input, so Tiff->Tiff, BigTiff->BigTiff 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.BigTiff = imageInfo.Tiff.IsBigTiff; 
   //saving the image 
   codecs.Save(image, Path.Combine(LEAD_VARS.ImagesDir, "testtiff1.TIF"), RasterImageFormat.Tif, image.BitsPerPixel, 1, image.PageCount, 1, CodecsSavePageMode.Overwrite); 
   //change some tiffsave options. 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.NoPageNumber = true; 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.NoSubFileType = true; 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.UsePhotometricInterpretation = false; 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.UseTileSize = false; 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.NoPalette = false; 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.PreservePalette = true; 
   codecs.Options.Tiff.Save.PhotometricInterpretation = CodecsTiffPhotometricInterpretation.Palette; 
   //save the image with different name. 
   codecs.Save(image, Path.Combine(LEAD_VARS.ImagesDir, "testtiff2.TIF"), RasterImageFormat.CcittGroup4, image.BitsPerPixel, 1, image.PageCount, 1, CodecsSavePageMode.Overwrite); 
   // Clean up 
static class LEAD_VARS 
   public const string ImagesDir = @"C:\LEADTOOLS22\Resources\Images"; 

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