Adds a new title to the menu.


#include "ILTDvdWriter2.h"

C Syntax

HRESULT ILTDvdWriter_AddMenuTitle(pDVDWriter, Title , Index)

C++ Syntax

HRESULT AddMenuTitle(Title, Index)

ILTDvdWriter *pDVDWriter;

pointer to an interface

BSTR Title;

title text

long Index;

title index




Pointer to an ILTDvdWriter interface.


A character string that contains the title text that will appear in the menu.


A zero-based index of the title; where the title will be inserted in the list of titles. Pass -1 to append the title to the end of the list.



The function was successful.

<> S_OK

An error occurred. Refer to the Error Codes or the HRESULT error codes in the DirectShow documentation.


The title list can be modified at any time before writing the menu. A maximum of 36 titles can be added. Calling ILTDvdWriter::AddMenuTitle with an existing index will not make an update: it will insert a new title at the specified index and shift the list down.

Menu writing should be the last step in a DVD image authoring process. Writing the menu first will cause an error and if a new title is written after the menu has been written, then the menu will be destroyed.

Any multimedia file can be used as the menu background, including a single page image, a multipage image, or a video. All menus require a background video. To add menus to the DVD image, perform the following steps:


Add menu titles by calling the ILTDvdWriter::AddMenuTitle function.


Call the ILTDvdWriter::put_TitleMenu, passing VARIANT_TRUE to the newVal parameter.


Convert the background image for the menu. This is a standard DVD conversion graph, only the video will be used for the menu background.


Call ILTDvdWriter::put_TitleMenu, passing VARIANT_FALSE for the newVal parameter to close the "menu write" mode. This merges the menu subtitle information with the background video and modifies the DVD image.

Required DLLs and Libraries


For a listing of the exact DLLs and Libraries needed, based on the toolkit version, refer to Files To Be Included With Your Application.

See Also


ILTDvdWriter::RemoveMenuTitle, ILTDvdWriter::RemoveAllMenuTitles, ILTDvdWriter::get_MenuTitleCount, ILTDvdWriter::GetMenuTitle


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For a C example, refer to Creating DVD Images for C.

For a C++ example, refer to Creating DVD Images for C++.

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