JBIG2 Format (JB2)

[PDF or one of the Document/Medical toolkits] LEADTOOLS reads and writes JBIG2 files.

The JBIG2 file format is a raster file format created by ISO/IEC 14492. This format is supported by Image Power. This format is an industry standard lossless, lossy and lossy to lossless compressed file format for bi-tonal (black and white) images. LEAD-JBIG2 support handles the various flavor of generic region encoding/decoding procedure based on sequential coding of the image pixels using arithmetic coding (lossless). The generic region encoding/decoding procedure encodes/decodes a bitmap, treating it simply as an array of binary pixels. In order to achieve highest compression ratios available by the generic region encoding procedure of JBIG2 format, LEAD also takes full advantage of all the functional blocks of this robust standard including the Adaptive Arithmetic Encoder, the Adaptive Template Pixels, and the Typical Prediction Block. Saving images in a JBIG2 format results in smaller image files sizes when compared to other industry standard compressed formats such as JBIG, CCITT G3 or G4. JBIG2 can compress bi-tonal images 2 - 5 times more than the same image compressed with the CCITT G4 compression.

This file format supports loading JBIG2 file with Refinement regions.

This file format supports loading JBIG2 files with non-sequential header.

This file format supports saving large files (larger than 1.5 GB).

Each of the following product lines includes at least one product with the above functionality:

The default extension used by this format is: JB2.

This file format does not support progressive loads and saves, stamps, or Lossless JPEG compression.

Support for this file format can be unlocked using the following support constant: L_SUPPORT_JBIG2.

The file constants associated with this file format are:

Constant Read Support Write Support Description

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