The ANNCHANGEPARAM contains information about the changes to be made in automated mode to the specified object.


typedef struct tagANNCHANGEPARAM 
   L_UINT uStructSize; // size of this structure 
   HANNOBJECT hObject; // object being changed. 
   ANNCHANGETYPE uChange; // the type of change being performed 
   L_INT nChange; // set to SUCCESS_CHANGE to allow the modification, 
   // set to SUCCESS_NO_CHANGE cancel the change 
   L_UINT uUnionType; // field in the union that contains the value 
   L_BOOL bAfter; // FALSE--fired before the change 
   // TRUE --fired after the change 
   L_UINT uFlags; // Indicates if change is part of a 
   // Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Create, Delete 
      L_DOUBLE dDouble; // valid if the object is being rotated 
      COLORREF crColor; 
      L_BOOL bBool; 
      L_UINT32 uUint32; 
      L_UINT uUint; 
      L_TCHAR * pszString; 
      ANNPOINT apt; 
      pBITMAPHANDLE pBitmapHandle; 
      HMETAFILE hMetafile; 
      HANNOBJECT hObject; 
      ANNHYPERLINK AnnHyperlink; 
      ANNRULERUNIT AnnRulerUnit; 
      ANNPROTRACTOR AnnProtractor; 
      ANNMOVE AnnMove; 
      ANNMOVEPOINT AnnMovePoint; 
      ANNRESIZEROTATE AnnResizeRotate; 
      ANNFIXED AnnFixed; 



Size of the ANNCHANGEPARAM structure. Use sizeof(ANNCHANGEPARAM).


Handle to the affected annotation object.


An ANNCHANGETYPE enumeration value that specifies the type of change being performed.


When the message is received, this value is set to SUCCESS_CHANGE.

If the bAfter field is set to FALSE (indicating that this message is sent prior to the change), then changing the value of nChange before processing the message affects the behavior. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
SUCCESS_CHANGE [1] Accept the change and allow the 'after' message to be sent.
SUCCESS_NO_CHANGE [2] Cancel the change and cancel the 'after' message.


Indicates the part of the union that is valid. The union specifies additional information about the change. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
ANNTYPE_NONE [0] No part of the union is valid.
ANNTYPE_COLORREF [1] The crColor field is valid.
ANNTYPE_UINT32 [2] The uUint32 field is valid.
ANNTYPE_BOOL [3] The bBool field is valid.
ANNTYPE_DOUBLE [4] The dDouble field is valid.
ANNTYPE_UINT [5] The uUint field is valid.
ANNTYPE_LPCSTR [6] The pszString field is valid.
ANNTYPE_ANNPOINT [7] The apt field is valid (type ANNPOINT).
ANNTYPE_BITMAP [8] The pBitmapHandle field is valid (type pBITMAPHANDLE).
ANNTYPE_HMETAFILE [9] The hMetafile field is valid.
ANNTYPE_HYPERLINK [10] The AnnHyperlink field is valid (type ANNHYPERLINK).
ANNTYPE_RULER_UNIT [11] The AnnRulerUnit field is valid (type ANNRULERUNIT).
ANNTYPE_PROTRACTOR [12] The AnnProtractor field is valid (type ANNPROTRACTOR).
ANNTYPE_MOVE [13] The AnnMove field is valid (type ANNMOVE).
ANNTYPE_MOVE_POINT [14] The AnnMovePoint field is valid (type ANNMOVEPOINT).
ANNTYPE_RESIZE_ROTATE [15] The AnnResizeRotate field is valid (type ANNRESIZEROTATE).
ANNTYPE_HANNOBJECT [16] The hObject field is valid.
ANNTYPE_FIXED [17] The AnnFixed field is valid.


Value that indicates whether the message is being sent after the change. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
TRUE The message is being sent after the change.
FALSE The message is being sent prior to the change.


Value that indicates if this change is part of another change. For example, an ANNCHANGE_SELECT_ALL change results in several individual ANNCHANGE_SELECT changes.

The uFlags can be one or more of the following (logically ORed together):

Flag Value


By default, nChange will be set to SUCCESS_CHANGE for every object. To disable the change for a particular object, set nChange to SUCCESS_NOCHANGE for that change. When disabling a change, the corresponding 'after' message is cancelled. nChange will be reset to SUCCESS_CHANGE before the notification is called for the next object.

The union of ANNCHANGEPARAM specifies additional information about the change. For example, for the change ANNCHANGE_FORECOLOR, the uUnionType field will be ANNTYPE_COLORREF indicating that the crColor part of the union is valid. In this case, it contains the color that the foreground will be changed to (if bAfter is FALSE) or has already been changed to (if bAfter is TRUE).

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