Effect Types

The following are possible values for the effect that can be applied by L_EfxEffectBlt, L_EfxPaintBitmap, L_EfxPaintTransition, L_PaintRgnDCEffect or L_PaintDCEffect:

Value Meaning
No effect class:
EFX_EFFECT_NO_PICTURE No picture (no background)
EFX_EFFECT_MAX Number of effects in this class.
Linear wipe class:
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_L_TO_R Wipe left to right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_R_TO_L Wipe right to left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPETTO_B Wipe top to bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_B_TO_T Wipe bottom to top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_LT_TO_RB Wipe left-top to right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_LB_TO_RT Wipe left-bottom to right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_RT_TO_LB Wipe right-top to left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_RB_TO_LT Wipe right-bottom to left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERH_L_TO_R_THEN_L_TO_R Wipe horizontal interlace left to right twice
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERVTTO_B_THENTTO_B Wipe vertical interlace top to bottom twice
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERH_L_TO_R_THEN_R_TO_L Wipe horizontal interlace left to right then back
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERVTTO_B_THEN_B_TO_T Wipe vertical interlace top to bottom then back
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERV_L_TO_R_THEN_L_TO_R Wipe vertical interlace left to right twice
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERV_R_TO_L_THEN_R_TO_L Wipe vertical interlace right to left twice
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERHTTO_B_THENTTO_B Wipe horizontal interlace top to bottom twice
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERH_B_TOTTHEN_B_TO_T Wipe horizontal interlace bottom to top twice
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERV_L_TO_R_THEN_R_TO_L Wipe vertical interlace left to right then back
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERV_R_TO_L_THEN_L_TO_R Wipe vertical interlace right to left then back
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERHTTO_B_THEN_B_TO_T Wipe horizontal interlace top to bottom then back
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERH_B_TOTTHENTTO_B Wipe horizontal interlace bottom to top then back
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERH_L_TO_R_AND_R_TO_L Wipe horizontal interlace left to right and right to left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERVTTO_B_AND_B_TO_T Wipe vertical interlace top to bottom and bottom to top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERV_L_AND_R_TO_C Wipe vertical interlace left and right to center
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERV_C_TO_L_AND_R Wipe vertical interlace center to left and right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERHTAND_B_TO_C Wipe horizontal interlace top and bottom to center
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERH_C_TOTAND_B Wipe horizontal interlace center to top and bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERV_L_AND_R_TO_C_THEN_C_TO_L_AND_R Wipe vertical interlace left and right to center then back
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERV_C_TO_L_AND_R_THEN_L_AND_R_TO_C Wipe vertical interlace center to left and right then back
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERHTAND_B_TO_C_THEN_C_TOTAND_B Wipe horizontal interlace top and bottom to center then back
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_INTERH_C_TOTAND_B_THENTAND_B_TO_C Wipe horizontal interlace center to top and bottom then back
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE2_LT_AND_RB_TO_C Wipe2 left-top and right-bottom to center
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE2_LB_AND_RT_TO_C Wipe2 left-bottom and right-top to center
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE2_C_TO_LT_AND_RB Wipe2 center to left-top and right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE2_C_TO_LB_AND_RT Wipe2 center to left-bottom and right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE2_LB_AND_RB_TO_T Wipe2 left-bottom and right-bottom to top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE2_LT_AND_RT_TO_B Wipe2 left-top and right-top to bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE2_RT_AND_RB_TO_L Wipe2 right-top and right-bottom to left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE2_LT_AND_LB_TO_R Wipe2 left-top and left-bottom to right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE2_LTTO_B_AND_R_B_TO_T Wipe2 left top to bottom and right bottom to top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE2TL_TO_R_AND_B_R_TO_L Wipe2 top left to right and bottom right to left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_C_TO_L_AND_R_THENTAND_B Wipe4 center to left and right then top and bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TAND_B_THEN_L_AND_R_TO_C Wipe4 top and bottom then left and right to center
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_L_L_L Wipe4 left left left left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_L_L_R Wipe4 left left left right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_L_L_T Wipe4 left left left top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_L_L_B Wipe4 left left left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_L_R_L Wipe4 left left right left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_L_R_R Wipe4 left left right right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_L_R_T Wipe4 left left right top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_L_R_B Wipe4 left left right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_LTL Wipe4 left left top left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_LTR Wipe4 left left top right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_LTT Wipe4 left left top top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_LTB Wipe4 left left top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_L_B_L Wipe4 left left bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_L_B_R Wipe4 left left bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_L_B_T Wipe4 left left bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_L_B_B Wipe4 left left bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_R_L_L Wipe4 left right left left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_R_L_R Wipe4 left right left right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_R_L_T Wipe4 left right left top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_R_L_B Wipe4 left right left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_R_R_L Wipe4 left right right left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_R_R_R Wipe4 left right right right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_R_R_T Wipe4 left right right top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_R_R_B Wipe4 left right right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_RTL Wipe4 left right top left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_RTR Wipe4 left right top right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_RTT Wipe4 left right top top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_RTB Wipe4 left right top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_R_B_L Wipe4 left right bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_R_B_R Wipe4 left right bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_R_B_T Wipe4 left right bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_R_B_B Wipe4 left right bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LTL_L Wipe4 left top left left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LTL_R Wipe4 left top left right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LTL_T Wipe4 left top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LTL_B Wipe4 left top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LTR_L Wipe4 left top right left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LTR_R Wipe4 left top right right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LTR_T Wipe4 left top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LTR_B Wipe4 left top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LTT_L Wipe4 left top top left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LTT_R Wipe4 left top top right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LTT_T Wipe4 left top top top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LTT_B Wipe4 left top top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LTB_L Wipe4 left top bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LTB_R Wipe4 left top bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LTB_T Wipe4 left top bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LTB_B Wipe4 left top bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_B_L_L Wipe4 left bottom left left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_B_L_R Wipe4 left bottom left right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_B_L_T Wipe4 left bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_B_L_B Wipe4 left bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_B_R_L Wipe4 left bottom right left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_B_R_R Wipe4 left bottom right right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_B_R_T Wipe4 left bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_B_R_B Wipe4 left bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_BTL Wipe4 left bottom top left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_BTR Wipe4 left bottom top right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_BTT Wipe4 left bottom top top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_BTB Wipe4 left bottom top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_B_B_L Wipe4 left bottom bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_B_B_R Wipe4 left bottom bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_B_B_T Wipe4 left bottom bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_L_B_B_B Wipe4 left bottom bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_L_L_L Wipe4 right left left left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_L_L_R Wipe4 right left left right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_L_L_T Wipe4 right left left top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_L_L_B Wipe4 right left left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_L_R_L Wipe4 right left right left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_L_R_R Wipe4 right left right right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_L_R_T Wipe4 right left right top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_L_R_B Wipe4 right left right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_LTL Wipe4 right left top left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_LTR Wipe4 right left top right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_LTT Wipe4 right left top top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_LTB Wipe4 right left top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_L_B_L Wipe4 right left bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_L_B_R Wipe4 right left bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_L_B_T Wipe4 right left bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_L_B_B Wipe4 right left bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_R_L_L Wipe4 right right left left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_R_L_R Wipe4 right right left right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_R_L_T Wipe4 right right left top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_R_L_B Wipe4 right right left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_R_R_L Wipe4 right right right left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_R_R_R Wipe4 right right right right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_R_R_T Wipe4 right right right top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_R_R_B Wipe4 right right right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_RTL Wipe4 right right top left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_RTR Wipe4 right right top right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_RTT Wipe4 right right top top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_RTB Wipe4 right right top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_R_B_L Wipe4 right right bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_R_B_R Wipe4 right right bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_R_B_T Wipe4 right right bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_R_B_B Wipe4 right right bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RTL_L Wipe4 right top left left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RTL_R Wipe4 right top left right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RTL_T Wipe4 right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RTL_B Wipe4 right top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RTR_L Wipe4 right top right left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RTR_R Wipe4 right top right right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RTR_T Wipe4 right top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RTR_B Wipe4 right top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RTT_L Wipe4 right top top left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RTT_R Wipe4 right top top right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RTT_T Wipe4 right top top top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RTT_B Wipe4 right top top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RTB_L Wipe4 right top bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RTB_R Wipe4 right top bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RTB_T Wipe4 right top bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RTB_B Wipe4 right top bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_B_L_L Wipe4 right bottom left left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_B_L_R Wipe4 right bottom left right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_B_L_T Wipe4 right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_B_L_B Wipe4 right bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_B_R_L Wipe4 right bottom right left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_B_R_R Wipe4 right bottom right right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_B_R_T Wipe4 right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_B_R_B Wipe4 right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_BTL Wipe4 right bottom top left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_BTR Wipe4 right bottom top right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_BTT Wipe4 right bottom top top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_BTB Wipe4 right bottom top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_B_B_L Wipe4 right bottom bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_B_B_R Wipe4 right bottom bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_B_B_T Wipe4 right bottom bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_R_B_B_B Wipe4 right bottom bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TL_L_L Wipe4 top left left left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TL_L_R Wipe4 top left left right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TL_L_T Wipe4 top left left top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TL_L_B Wipe4 top left left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TL_R_L Wipe4 top left right left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TL_R_R Wipe4 top left right right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TL_R_T Wipe4 top left right top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TL_R_B Wipe4 top left right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TLTL Wipe4 top left top left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TLTR Wipe4 top left top right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TLTT Wipe4 top left top top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TLTB Wipe4 top left top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TL_B_L Wipe4 top left bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TL_B_R Wipe4 top left bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TL_B_T Wipe4 top left bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TL_B_B Wipe4 top left bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TR_L_L Wipe4 top right left left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TR_L_R Wipe4 top right left right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TR_L_T Wipe4 top right left top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TR_L_B Wipe4 top right left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TR_R_L Wipe4 top right right left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TR_R_R Wipe4 top right right right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TR_R_T Wipe4 top right right top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TR_R_B Wipe4 top right right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TRTL Wipe4 top right top left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TRTR Wipe4 top right top right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TRTT Wipe4 top right top top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TRTB Wipe4 top right top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TR_B_L Wipe4 top right bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TR_B_R Wipe4 top right bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TR_B_T Wipe4 top right bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TR_B_B Wipe4 top right bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TT_L_L Wipe4 top top left left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TT_L_R Wipe4 top top left right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TT_L_T Wipe4 top top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TT_L_B Wipe4 top top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TT_R_L Wipe4 top top right left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TT_R_R Wipe4 top top right right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TT_R_T Wipe4 top top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TT_R_B Wipe4 top top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TTTL Wipe4 top top top left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TTTR Wipe4 top top top right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TTTT Wipe4 top top top top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TTTB Wipe4 top top top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TT_B_L Wipe4 top top bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TT_B_R Wipe4 top top bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TT_B_T Wipe4 top top bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TT_B_B Wipe4 top top bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TB_L_L Wipe4 top bottom left left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TB_L_R Wipe4 top bottom left right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TB_L_T Wipe4 top bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TB_L_B Wipe4 top bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TB_R_L Wipe4 top bottom right left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TB_R_R Wipe4 top bottom right right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TB_R_T Wipe4 top bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TB_R_B Wipe4 top bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TBTL Wipe4 top bottom top left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TBTR Wipe4 top bottom top right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TBTT Wipe4 top bottom top top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TBTB Wipe4 top bottom top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TB_B_L Wipe4 top bottom bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TB_B_R Wipe4 top bottom bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TB_B_T Wipe4 top bottom bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4TB_B_B Wipe4 top bottom bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_L_L_L Wipe4 bottom left left left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_L_L_R Wipe4 bottom left left right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_L_L_T Wipe4 bottom left left top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_L_L_B Wipe4 bottom left left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_L_R_L Wipe4 bottom left right left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_L_R_R Wipe4 bottom left right right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_L_R_T Wipe4 bottom left right top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_L_R_B Wipe4 bottom left right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_LTL Wipe4 bottom left top left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_LTR Wipe4 bottom left top right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_LTT Wipe4 bottom left top top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_LTB Wipe4 bottom left top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_L_B_L Wipe4 bottom left bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_L_B_R Wipe4 bottom left bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_L_B_T Wipe4 bottom left bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_L_B_B Wipe4 bottom left bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_R_L_L Wipe4 bottom right left left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_R_L_R Wipe4 bottom right left right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_R_L_T Wipe4 bottom right left top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_R_L_B Wipe4 bottom right left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_R_R_L Wipe4 bottom right right left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_R_R_R Wipe4 bottom right right right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_R_R_T Wipe4 bottom right right top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_R_R_B Wipe4 bottom right right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_RTL Wipe4 bottom right top left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_RTR Wipe4 bottom right top right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_RTT Wipe4 bottom right top top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_RTB Wipe4 bottom right top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_R_B_L Wipe4 bottom right bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_R_B_R Wipe4 bottom right bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_R_B_T Wipe4 bottom right bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_R_B_B Wipe4 bottom right bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_BTL_L Wipe4 bottom top left left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_BTL_R Wipe4 bottom top left right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_BTL_T Wipe4 bottom top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_BTL_B Wipe4 bottom top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_BTR_L Wipe4 bottom top right left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_BTR_R Wipe4 bottom top right right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_BTR_T Wipe4 bottom top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_BTR_B Wipe4 bottom top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_BTT_L Wipe4 bottom top top left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_BTT_R Wipe4 bottom top top right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_BTT_T Wipe4 bottom top top top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_BTT_B Wipe4 bottom top top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_BTB_L Wipe4 bottom top bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_BTB_R Wipe4 bottom top bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_BTB_T Wipe4 bottom top bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_BTB_B Wipe4 bottom top bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_B_L_L Wipe4 bottom bottom left left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_B_L_R Wipe4 bottom bottom left right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_B_L_T Wipe4 bottom bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_B_L_B Wipe4 bottom bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_B_R_L Wipe4 bottom bottom right left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_B_R_R Wipe4 bottom bottom right right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_B_R_T Wipe4 bottom bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_B_R_B Wipe4 bottom bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_BTL Wipe4 bottom bottom top left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_BTR Wipe4 bottom bottom top right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_BTT Wipe4 bottom bottom top top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_BTB Wipe4 bottom bottom top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_B_B_L Wipe4 bottom bottom bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_B_B_R Wipe4 bottom bottom bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_B_B_T Wipe4 bottom bottom bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_B_B_B_B Wipe4 bottom bottom bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LT_LT_LT Wipe4 left-top left-top left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LT_LT_LB Wipe4 left-top left-top left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LT_LT_RT Wipe4 left-top left-top left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LT_LT_RB Wipe4 left-top left-top left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LT_LB_LT Wipe4 left-top left-top left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LT_LB_LB Wipe4 left-top left-top left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LT_LB_RT Wipe4 left-top left-top left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LT_LB_RB Wipe4 left-top left-top left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LT_RT_LT Wipe4 left-top left-top right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LT_RT_LB Wipe4 left-top left-top right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LT_RT_RT Wipe4 left-top left-top right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LT_RT_RB Wipe4 left-top left-top right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LT_RB_LT Wipe4 left-top left-top right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LT_RB_LB Wipe4 left-top left-top right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LT_RB_RT Wipe4 left-top left-top right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LT_RB_RB Wipe4 left-top left-top right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LB_LT_LT Wipe4 left-top left-bottom left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LB_LT_LB Wipe4 left-top left-bottom left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LB_LT_RT Wipe4 left-top left-bottom left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LB_LT_RB Wipe4 left-top left-bottom left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LB_LB_LT Wipe4 left-top left-bottom left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LB_LB_LB Wipe4 left-top left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LB_LB_RT Wipe4 left-top left-bottom left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LB_LB_RB Wipe4 left-top left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LB_RT_LT Wipe4 left-top left-bottom right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LB_RT_LB Wipe4 left-top left-bottom right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LB_RT_RT Wipe4 left-top left-bottom right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LB_RT_RB Wipe4 left-top left-bottom right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LB_RB_LT Wipe4 left-top left-bottom right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LB_RB_LB Wipe4 left-top left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LB_RB_RT Wipe4 left-top left-bottom right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_LB_RB_RB Wipe4 left-top left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RT_LT_LT Wipe4 left-top right-top left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RT_LT_LB Wipe4 left-top right-top left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RT_LT_RT Wipe4 left-top right-top left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RT_LT_RB Wipe4 left-top right-top left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RT_LB_LT Wipe4 left-top right-top left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RT_LB_LB Wipe4 left-top right-top left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RT_LB_RT Wipe4 left-top right-top left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RT_LB_RB Wipe4 left-top right-top left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RT_RT_LT Wipe4 left-top right-top right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RT_RT_LB Wipe4 left-top right-top right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RT_RT_RT Wipe4 left-top right-top right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RT_RT_RB Wipe4 left-top right-top right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RT_RB_LT Wipe4 left-top right-top right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RT_RB_LB Wipe4 left-top right-top right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RT_RB_RT Wipe4 left-top right-top right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RT_RB_RB Wipe4 left-top right-top right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RB_LT_LT Wipe4 left-top right-bottom left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RB_LT_LB Wipe4 left-top right-bottom left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RB_LT_RT Wipe4 left-top right-bottom left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RB_LT_RB Wipe4 left-top right-bottom left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RB_LB_LT Wipe4 left-top right-bottom left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RB_LB_LB Wipe4 left-top right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RB_LB_RT Wipe4 left-top right-bottom left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RB_LB_RB Wipe4 left-top right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RB_RT_LT Wipe4 left-top right-bottom right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RB_RT_LB Wipe4 left-top right-bottom right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RB_RT_RT Wipe4 left-top right-bottom right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RB_RT_RB Wipe4 left-top right-bottom right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RB_RB_LT Wipe4 left-top right-bottom right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RB_RB_LB Wipe4 left-top right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RB_RB_RT Wipe4 left-top right-bottom right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LT_RB_RB_RB Wipe4 left-top right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LT_LT_LT Wipe4 left-bottom left-top left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LT_LT_LB Wipe4 left-bottom left-top left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LT_LT_RT Wipe4 left-bottom left-top left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LT_LT_RB Wipe4 left-bottom left-top left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LT_LB_LT Wipe4 left-bottom left-top left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LT_LB_LB Wipe4 left-bottom left-top left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LT_LB_RT Wipe4 left-bottom left-top left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LT_LB_RB Wipe4 left-bottom left-top left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LT_RT_LT Wipe4 left-bottom left-top right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LT_RT_LB Wipe4 left-bottom left-top right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LT_RT_RT Wipe4 left-bottom left-top right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LT_RT_RB Wipe4 left-bottom left-top right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LT_RB_LT Wipe4 left-bottom left-top right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LT_RB_LB Wipe4 left-bottom left-top right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LT_RB_RT Wipe4 left-bottom left-top right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LT_RB_RB Wipe4 left-bottom left-top right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LB_LT_LT Wipe4 left-bottom left-bottom left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LB_LT_LB Wipe4 left-bottom left-bottom left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LB_LT_RT Wipe4 left-bottom left-bottom left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LB_LT_RB Wipe4 left-bottom left-bottom left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LB_LB_LT Wipe4 left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LB_LB_LB Wipe4 left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LB_LB_RT Wipe4 left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LB_LB_RB Wipe4 left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LB_RT_LT Wipe4 left-bottom left-bottom right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LB_RT_LB Wipe4 left-bottom left-bottom right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LB_RT_RT Wipe4 left-bottom left-bottom right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LB_RT_RB Wipe4 left-bottom left-bottom right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LB_RB_LT Wipe4 left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LB_RB_LB Wipe4 left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LB_RB_RT Wipe4 left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_LB_RB_RB Wipe4 left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RT_LT_LT Wipe4 left-bottom right-top left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RT_LT_LB Wipe4 left-bottom right-top left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RT_LT_RT Wipe4 left-bottom right-top left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RT_LT_RB Wipe4 left-bottom right-top left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RT_LB_LT Wipe4 left-bottom right-top left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RT_LB_LB Wipe4 left-bottom right-top left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RT_LB_RT Wipe4 left-bottom right-top left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RT_LB_RB Wipe4 left-bottom right-top left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RT_RT_LT Wipe4 left-bottom right-top right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RT_RT_LB Wipe4 left-bottom right-top right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RT_RT_RT Wipe4 left-bottom right-top right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RT_RT_RB Wipe4 left-bottom right-top right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RT_RB_LT Wipe4 left-bottom right-top right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RT_RB_LB Wipe4 left-bottom right-top right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RT_RB_RT Wipe4 left-bottom right-top right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RT_RB_RB Wipe4 left-bottom right-top right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RB_LT_LT Wipe4 left-bottom right-bottom left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RB_LT_LB Wipe4 left-bottom right-bottom left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RB_LT_RT Wipe4 left-bottom right-bottom left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RB_LT_RB Wipe4 left-bottom right-bottom left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RB_LB_LT Wipe4 left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RB_LB_LB Wipe4 left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RB_LB_RT Wipe4 left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RB_LB_RB Wipe4 left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RB_RT_LT Wipe4 left-bottom right-bottom right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RB_RT_LB Wipe4 left-bottom right-bottom right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RB_RT_RT Wipe4 left-bottom right-bottom right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RB_RT_RB Wipe4 left-bottom right-bottom right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RB_RB_LT Wipe4 left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RB_RB_LB Wipe4 left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RB_RB_RT Wipe4 left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_LB_RB_RB_RB Wipe4 left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LT_LT_LT Wipe4 right-top left-top left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LT_LT_LB Wipe4 right-top left-top left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LT_LT_RT Wipe4 right-top left-top left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LT_LT_RB Wipe4 right-top left-top left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LT_LB_LT Wipe4 right-top left-top left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LT_LB_LB Wipe4 right-top left-top left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LT_LB_RT Wipe4 right-top left-top left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LT_LB_RB Wipe4 right-top left-top left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LT_RT_LT Wipe4 right-top left-top right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LT_RT_LB Wipe4 right-top left-top right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LT_RT_RT Wipe4 right-top left-top right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LT_RT_RB Wipe4 right-top left-top right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LT_RB_LT Wipe4 right-top left-top right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LT_RB_LB Wipe4 right-top left-top right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LT_RB_RT Wipe4 right-top left-top right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LT_RB_RB Wipe4 right-top left-top right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LB_LT_LT Wipe4 right-top left-bottom left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LB_LT_LB Wipe4 right-top left-bottom left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LB_LT_RT Wipe4 right-top left-bottom left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LB_LT_RB Wipe4 right-top left-bottom left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LB_LB_LT Wipe4 right-top left-bottom left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LB_LB_LB Wipe4 right-top left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LB_LB_RT Wipe4 right-top left-bottom left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LB_LB_RB Wipe4 right-top left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LB_RT_LT Wipe4 right-top left-bottom right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LB_RT_LB Wipe4 right-top left-bottom right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LB_RT_RT Wipe4 right-top left-bottom right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LB_RT_RB Wipe4 right-top left-bottom right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LB_RB_LT Wipe4 right-top left-bottom right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LB_RB_LB Wipe4 right-top left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LB_RB_RT Wipe4 right-top left-bottom right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_LB_RB_RB Wipe4 right-top left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RT_LT_LT Wipe4 right-top right-top left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RT_LT_LB Wipe4 right-top right-top left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RT_LT_RT Wipe4 right-top right-top left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RT_LT_RB Wipe4 right-top right-top left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RT_LB_LT Wipe4 right-top right-top left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RT_LB_LB Wipe4 right-top right-top left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RT_LB_RT Wipe4 right-top right-top left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RT_LB_RB Wipe4 right-top right-top left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RT_RT_LT Wipe4 right-top right-top right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RT_RT_LB Wipe4 right-top right-top right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RT_RT_RT Wipe4 right-top right-top right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RT_RT_RB Wipe4 right-top right-top right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RT_RB_LT Wipe4 right-top right-top right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RT_RB_LB Wipe4 right-top right-top right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RT_RB_RT Wipe4 right-top right-top right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RT_RB_RB Wipe4 right-top right-top right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RB_LT_LT Wipe4 right-top right-bottom left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RB_LT_LB Wipe4 right-top right-bottom left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RB_LT_RT Wipe4 right-top right-bottom left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RB_LT_RB Wipe4 right-top right-bottom left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RB_LB_LT Wipe4 right-top right-bottom left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RB_LB_LB Wipe4 right-top right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RB_LB_RT Wipe4 right-top right-bottom left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RB_LB_RB Wipe4 right-top right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RB_RT_LT Wipe4 right-top right-bottom right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RB_RT_LB Wipe4 right-top right-bottom right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RB_RT_RT Wipe4 right-top right-bottom right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RB_RT_RB Wipe4 right-top right-bottom right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RB_RB_LT Wipe4 right-top right-bottom right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RB_RB_LB Wipe4 right-top right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RB_RB_RT Wipe4 right-top right-bottom right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RT_RB_RB_RB Wipe4 right-top right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LT_LT_LT Wipe4 right-bottom left-top left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LT_LT_LB Wipe4 right-bottom left-top left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LT_LT_RT Wipe4 right-bottom left-top left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LT_LT_RB Wipe4 right-bottom left-top left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LT_LB_LT Wipe4 right-bottom left-top left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LT_LB_LB Wipe4 right-bottom left-top left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LT_LB_RT Wipe4 right-bottom left-top left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LT_LB_RB Wipe4 right-bottom left-top left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LT_RT_LT Wipe4 right-bottom left-top right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LT_RT_LB Wipe4 right-bottom left-top right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LT_RT_RT Wipe4 right-bottom left-top right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LT_RT_RB Wipe4 right-bottom left-top right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LT_RB_LT Wipe4 right-bottom left-top right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LT_RB_LB Wipe4 right-bottom left-top right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LT_RB_RT Wipe4 right-bottom left-top right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LT_RB_RB Wipe4 right-bottom left-top right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LB_LT_LT Wipe4 right-bottom left-bottom left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LB_LT_LB Wipe4 right-bottom left-bottom left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LB_LT_RT Wipe4 right-bottom left-bottom left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LB_LT_RB Wipe4 right-bottom left-bottom left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LB_LB_LT Wipe4 right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LB_LB_LB Wipe4 right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LB_LB_RT Wipe4 right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LB_LB_RB Wipe4 right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LB_RT_LT Wipe4 right-bottom left-bottom right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LB_RT_LB Wipe4 right-bottom left-bottom right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LB_RT_RT Wipe4 right-bottom left-bottom right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LB_RT_RB Wipe4 right-bottom left-bottom right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LB_RB_LT Wipe4 right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LB_RB_LB Wipe4 right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LB_RB_RT Wipe4 right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_LB_RB_RB Wipe4 right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RT_LT_LT Wipe4 right-bottom right-top left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RT_LT_LB Wipe4 right-bottom right-top left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RT_LT_RT Wipe4 right-bottom right-top left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RT_LT_RB Wipe4 right-bottom right-top left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RT_LB_LT Wipe4 right-bottom right-top left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RT_LB_LB Wipe4 right-bottom right-top left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RT_LB_RT Wipe4 right-bottom right-top left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RT_LB_RB Wipe4 right-bottom right-top left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RT_RT_LT Wipe4 right-bottom right-top right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RT_RT_LB Wipe4 right-bottom right-top right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RT_RT_RT Wipe4 right-bottom right-top right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RT_RT_RB Wipe4 right-bottom right-top right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RT_RB_LT Wipe4 right-bottom right-top right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RT_RB_LB Wipe4 right-bottom right-top right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RT_RB_RT Wipe4 right-bottom right-top right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RT_RB_RB Wipe4 right-bottom right-top right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RB_LT_LT Wipe4 right-bottom right-bottom left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RB_LT_LB Wipe4 right-bottom right-bottom left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RB_LT_RT Wipe4 right-bottom right-bottom left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RB_LT_RB Wipe4 right-bottom right-bottom left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RB_LB_LT Wipe4 right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RB_LB_LB Wipe4 right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RB_LB_RT Wipe4 right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RB_LB_RB Wipe4 right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RB_RT_LT Wipe4 right-bottom right-bottom right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RB_RT_LB Wipe4 right-bottom right-bottom right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RB_RT_RT Wipe4 right-bottom right-bottom right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RB_RT_RB Wipe4 right-bottom right-bottom right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RB_RB_LT Wipe4 right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RB_RB_LB Wipe4 right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RB_RB_RT Wipe4 right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE4_RB_RB_RB_RB Wipe4 right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_MAX Number of effects in this class.
Rectangular wipe class:
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_RECTANGLE_INTER_IN_THEN_IN Wipe rectangle interlace in then in
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_RECTANGLE_INTER_OUT_THEN_OUT Wipe rectangle interlace out then out
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_RECTANGLE_INTER_IN_THEN_OUT Wipe rectangle interlace in then out
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_RECTANGLE_INTER_OUT_THEN_IN Wipe rectangle interlace out then in
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_RECTANGLE_MAX Number of effects in this class.
Circular wipe class:
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE_C_CW_FROM_L Wipe circle center CW from left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE_C_CCW_FROM_L Wipe circle center CCW from left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE_C_CW_FROM_R Wipe circle center CW from right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE_C_CCW_FROM_R Wipe circle center CCW from right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE_C_CW_FROM_T Wipe circle center CW from top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE_C_CCW_FROM_T Wipe circle center CCW from top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE_C_CW_FROM_B Wipe circle center CW from bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE_C_CCW_FROM_B Wipe circle center CCW from bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE_L_CCW_FROM_B Wipe circle left CCW from bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE_L_CW_FROM_T Wipe circle left CW from top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE_R_CW_FROM_B Wipe circle right CW from bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE_R_CCW_FROM_T Wipe circle right CCW from top
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLETCW_FROM_R Wipe circle top CW from right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE_B_CW_FROM_L Wipe circle bottom CW from left
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE_B_CCW_FROM_R Wipe circle bottom CCW from right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE2_C_CW_FROM_L_AND_FROM_R Wipe circle2 center CW from left and from right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE2_C_CCW_FROM_L_AND_FROM_R Wipe circle2 center CCW from left and from right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE2_C_CW_FROMTAND_FROM_B Wipe circle2 center CW from top and from bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE2_C_CCW_FROMTAND_FROM_B Wipe circle2 center CCW from top and from bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE2_L_CW_FROMTAND_CCW_FROM_B Wipe circle2 left CW from top and CCW from bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE2_L_CCW_TOTAND_CW_TO_B Wipe circle2 left CCW to top and CW to bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE2_R_CCW_FROMTAND_CW_FROM_B Wipe circle2 right CCW from top and CW from bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE2_R_CW_TOTAND_CCW_TO_B Wipe circle2 right CW to top and CCW to bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE2TCCW_FROM_L_AND_CW_FROM_R Wipe circle2 top CCW from left and CW from right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE2TCW_TO_L_AND_CCW_TO_R Wipe circle2 top CW to left and CCW to right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE2_B_CW_FROM_L_AND_CCW_FROM_R Wipe circle2 bottom CW from left and CCW from right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE2_B_CCW_TO_L_AND_CW_TO_R Wipe circle2 bottom CCW to left and CW to right
EFX_EFFECT_WIPE_CIRCLE_MAX Number of effects in this class.
Push class:
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH_R_TO_L Push right to left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH_L_TO_R Push left to right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH_B_TO_T Push bottom to top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSHTTO_B Push top to bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH2TR_TO_L_AND_B_L_TO_R Push2 top right to left and bottom left to right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH2TL_TO_R_AND_B_R_TO_L Push2 top left to right and bottom right to left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH2_L_B_TOTAND_RTTO_B Push2 left bottom to top and right top to bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH2_LTTO_B_AND_R_B_TO_T Push2 left top to bottom and right bottom to top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_L_L_L Push4 left left left left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_L_L_R Push4 left left left right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_L_L_T Push4 left left left top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_L_L_B Push4 left left left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_L_R_L Push4 left left right left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_L_R_R Push4 left left right right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_L_R_T Push4 left left right top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_L_R_B Push4 left left right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_LTL Push4 left left top left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_LTR Push4 left left top right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_LTT Push4 left left top top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_LTB Push4 left left top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_L_B_L Push4 left left bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_L_B_R Push4 left left bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_L_B_T Push4 left left bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_L_B_B Push4 left left bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_R_L_L Push4 left right left left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_R_L_R Push4 left right left right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_R_L_T Push4 left right left top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_R_L_B Push4 left right left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_R_R_L Push4 left right right left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_R_R_R Push4 left right right right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_R_R_T Push4 left right right top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_R_R_B Push4 left right right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_RTL Push4 left right top left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_RTR Push4 left right top right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_RTT Push4 left right top top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_RTB Push4 left right top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_R_B_L Push4 left right bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_R_B_R Push4 left right bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_R_B_T Push4 left right bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_R_B_B Push4 left right bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_LTL_L Push4 left top left left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_LTL_R Push4 left top left right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_LTL_T Push4 left top left top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_LTL_B Push4 left top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_LTR_L Push4 left top right left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_LTR_R Push4 left top right right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_LTR_T Push4 left top right top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_LTR_B Push4 left top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_LTT_L Push4 left top top left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_LTT_R Push4 left top top right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_LTT_T Push4 left top top top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_LTT_B Push4 left top top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_LTB_L Push4 left top bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_LTB_R Push4 left top bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_LTB_T Push4 left top bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_LTB_B Push4 left top bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_B_L_L Push4 left bottom left left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_B_L_R Push4 left bottom left right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_B_L_T Push4 left bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_B_L_B Push4 left bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_B_R_L Push4 left bottom right left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_B_R_R Push4 left bottom right right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_B_R_T Push4 left bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_B_R_B Push4 left bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_BTL Push4 left bottom top left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_BTR Push4 left bottom top right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_BTT Push4 left bottom top top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_BTB Push4 left bottom top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_B_B_L Push4 left bottom bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_B_B_R Push4 left bottom bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_B_B_T Push4 left bottom bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_L_B_B_B Push4 left bottom bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_L_L_L Push4 right left left left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_L_L_R Push4 right left left right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_L_L_T Push4 right left left top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_L_L_B Push4 right left left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_L_R_L Push4 right left right left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_L_R_R Push4 right left right right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_L_R_T Push4 right left right top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_L_R_B Push4 right left right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_LTL Push4 right left top left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_LTR Push4 right left top right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_LTT Push4 right left top top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_LTB Push4 right left top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_L_B_L Push4 right left bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_L_B_R Push4 right left bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_L_B_T Push4 right left bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_L_B_B Push4 right left bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_R_L_L Push4 right right left left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_R_L_R Push4 right right left right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_R_L_T Push4 right right left top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_R_L_B Push4 right right left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_R_R_L Push4 right right right left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_R_R_R Push4 right right right right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_R_R_T Push4 right right right top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_R_R_B Push4 right right right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_RTL Push4 right right top left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_RTR Push4 right right top right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_RTT Push4 right right top top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_RTB Push4 right right top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_R_B_L Push4 right right bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_R_B_R Push4 right right bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_R_B_T Push4 right right bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_R_B_B Push4 right right bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_RTL_L Push4 right top left left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_RTL_R Push4 right top left right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_RTL_T Push4 right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_RTL_B Push4 right top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_RTR_L Push4 right top right left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_RTR_R Push4 right top right right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_RTR_T Push4 right top right top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_RTR_B Push4 right top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_RTT_L Push4 right top top left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_RTT_R Push4 right top top right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_RTT_T Push4 right top top top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_RTT_B Push4 right top top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_RTB_L Push4 right top bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_RTB_R Push4 right top bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_RTB_T Push4 right top bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_RTB_B Push4 right top bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_B_L_L Push4 right bottom left left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_B_L_R Push4 right bottom left right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_B_L_T Push4 right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_B_L_B Push4 right bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_B_R_L Push4 right bottom right left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_B_R_R Push4 right bottom right right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_B_R_T Push4 right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_B_R_B Push4 right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_BTL Push4 right bottom top left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_BTR Push4 right bottom top right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_BTT Push4 right bottom top top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_BTB Push4 right bottom top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_B_B_L Push4 right bottom bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_B_B_R Push4 right bottom bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_B_B_T Push4 right bottom bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_R_B_B_B Push4 right bottom bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TL_L_L Push4 top left left left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TL_L_R Push4 top left left right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TL_L_T Push4 top left left top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TL_L_B Push4 top left left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TL_R_L Push4 top left right left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TL_R_R Push4 top left right right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TL_R_T Push4 top left right top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TL_R_B Push4 top left right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TLTL Push4 top left top left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TLTR Push4 top left top right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TLTT Push4 top left top top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TLTB Push4 top left top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TL_B_L Push4 top left bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TL_B_R Push4 top left bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TL_B_T Push4 top left bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TL_B_B Push4 top left bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TR_L_L Push4 top right left left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TR_L_R Push4 top right left right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TR_L_T Push4 top right left top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TR_L_B Push4 top right left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TR_R_L Push4 top right right left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TR_R_R Push4 top right right right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TR_R_T Push4 top right right top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TR_R_B Push4 top right right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TRTL Push4 top right top left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TRTR Push4 top right top right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TRTT Push4 top right top top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TRTB Push4 top right top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TR_B_L Push4 top right bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TR_B_R Push4 top right bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TR_B_T Push4 top right bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TR_B_B Push4 top right bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TT_L_L Push4 top top left left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TT_L_R Push4 top top left right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TT_L_T Push4 top top left top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TT_L_B Push4 top top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TT_R_L Push4 top top right left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TT_R_R Push4 top top right right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TT_R_T Push4 top top right top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TT_R_B Push4 top top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TTTL Push4 top top top left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TTTR Push4 top top top right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TTTT Push4 top top top top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TTTB Push4 top top top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TT_B_L Push4 top top bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TT_B_R Push4 top top bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TT_B_T Push4 top top bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TT_B_B Push4 top top bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TB_L_L Push4 top bottom left left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TB_L_R Push4 top bottom left right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TB_L_T Push4 top bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TB_L_B Push4 top bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TB_R_L Push4 top bottom right left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TB_R_R Push4 top bottom right right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TB_R_T Push4 top bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TB_R_B Push4 top bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TBTL Push4 top bottom top left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TBTR Push4 top bottom top right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TBTT Push4 top bottom top top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TBTB Push4 top bottom top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TB_B_L Push4 top bottom bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TB_B_R Push4 top bottom bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TB_B_T Push4 top bottom bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4TB_B_B Push4 top bottom bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_L_L_L Push4 bottom left left left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_L_L_R Push4 bottom left left right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_L_L_T Push4 bottom left left top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_L_L_B Push4 bottom left left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_L_R_L Push4 bottom left right left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_L_R_R Push4 bottom left right right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_L_R_T Push4 bottom left right top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_L_R_B Push4 bottom left right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_LTL Push4 bottom left top left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_LTR Push4 bottom left top right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_LTT Push4 bottom left top top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_LTB Push4 bottom left top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_L_B_L Push4 bottom left bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_L_B_R Push4 bottom left bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_L_B_T Push4 bottom left bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_L_B_B Push4 bottom left bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_R_L_L Push4 bottom right left left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_R_L_R Push4 bottom right left right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_R_L_T Push4 bottom right left top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_R_L_B Push4 bottom right left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_R_R_L Push4 bottom right right left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_R_R_R Push4 bottom right right right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_R_R_T Push4 bottom right right top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_R_R_B Push4 bottom right right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_RTL Push4 bottom right top left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_RTR Push4 bottom right top right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_RTT Push4 bottom right top top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_RTB Push4 bottom right top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_R_B_L Push4 bottom right bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_R_B_R Push4 bottom right bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_R_B_T Push4 bottom right bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_R_B_B Push4 bottom right bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_BTL_L Push4 bottom top left left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_BTL_R Push4 bottom top left right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_BTL_T Push4 bottom top left top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_BTL_B Push4 bottom top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_BTR_L Push4 bottom top right left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_BTR_R Push4 bottom top right right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_BTR_T Push4 bottom top right top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_BTR_B Push4 bottom top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_BTT_L Push4 bottom top top left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_BTT_R Push4 bottom top top right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_BTT_T Push4 bottom top top top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_BTT_B Push4 bottom top top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_BTB_L Push4 bottom top bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_BTB_R Push4 bottom top bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_BTB_T Push4 bottom top bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_BTB_B Push4 bottom top bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_B_L_L Push4 bottom bottom left left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_B_L_R Push4 bottom bottom left right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_B_L_T Push4 bottom bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_B_L_B Push4 bottom bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_B_R_L Push4 bottom bottom right left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_B_R_R Push4 bottom bottom right right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_B_R_T Push4 bottom bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_B_R_B Push4 bottom bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_BTL Push4 bottom bottom top left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_BTR Push4 bottom bottom top right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_BTT Push4 bottom bottom top top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_BTB Push4 bottom bottom top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_B_B_L Push4 bottom bottom bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_B_B_R Push4 bottom bottom bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_B_B_T Push4 bottom bottom bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH4_B_B_B_B Push4 bottom bottom bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_PUSH_MAX Number of effects in this class.
Slide class
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE_R_TO_L Slide right to left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE_L_TO_R Slide left to right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE_B_TO_T Slide bottom to top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDETTO_B Slide top to bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE_LT_TO_RB Slide left-top to right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE_RT_TO_LB Slide right-top to left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE_LB_TO_RT Slide left-bottom to right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE_RB_TO_LT Slide right-bottom to left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE_INTERH_L_TO_R_AND_R_TO_L Slide horizontal interlace left to right and right to left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE_INTERVTTO_B_AND_B_TO_T Slide vertical interlace top to bottom and bottom to top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE2TR_TO_L_AND_B_L_TO_R Slide2 top right to left and bottom left to right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE2TL_TO_R_AND_B_R_TO_L Slide2 top left to right and bottom right to left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE2_L_B_TOTAND_RTTO_B Slide2 left bottom to top and right top to bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE2_LTTO_B_AND_R_B_TO_T Slide2 left top to bottom and right bottom to top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_L_L_L Slide4 left left left left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_L_L_R Slide4 left left left right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_L_L_T Slide4 left left left top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_L_L_B Slide4 left left left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_L_R_L Slide4 left left right left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_L_R_R Slide4 left left right right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_L_R_T Slide4 left left right top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_L_R_B Slide4 left left right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_LTL Slide4 left left top left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_LTR Slide4 left left top right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_LTT Slide4 left left top top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_LTB Slide4 left left top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_L_B_L Slide4 left left bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_L_B_R Slide4 left left bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_L_B_T Slide4 left left bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_L_B_B Slide4 left left bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_R_L_L Slide4 left right left left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_R_L_R Slide4 left right left right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_R_L_T Slide4 left right left top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_R_L_B Slide4 left right left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_R_R_L Slide4 left right right left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_R_R_R Slide4 left right right right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_R_R_T Slide4 left right right top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_R_R_B Slide4 left right right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_RTL Slide4 left right top left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_RTR Slide4 left right top right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_RTT Slide4 left right top top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_RTB Slide4 left right top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_R_B_L Slide4 left right bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_R_B_R Slide4 left right bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_R_B_T Slide4 left right bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_R_B_B Slide4 left right bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LTL_L Slide4 left top left left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LTL_R Slide4 left top left right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LTL_T Slide4 left top left top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LTL_B Slide4 left top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LTR_L Slide4 left top right left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LTR_R Slide4 left top right right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LTR_T Slide4 left top right top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LTR_B Slide4 left top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LTT_L Slide4 left top top left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LTT_R Slide4 left top top right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LTT_T Slide4 left top top top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LTT_B Slide4 left top top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LTB_L Slide4 left top bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LTB_R Slide4 left top bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LTB_T Slide4 left top bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LTB_B Slide4 left top bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_B_L_L Slide4 left bottom left left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_B_L_R Slide4 left bottom left right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_B_L_T Slide4 left bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_B_L_B Slide4 left bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_B_R_L Slide4 left bottom right left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_B_R_R Slide4 left bottom right right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_B_R_T Slide4 left bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_B_R_B Slide4 left bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_BTL Slide4 left bottom top left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_BTR Slide4 left bottom top right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_BTT Slide4 left bottom top top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_BTB Slide4 left bottom top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_B_B_L Slide4 left bottom bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_B_B_R Slide4 left bottom bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_B_B_T Slide4 left bottom bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_L_B_B_B Slide4 left bottom bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_L_L_L Slide4 right left left left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_L_L_R Slide4 right left left right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_L_L_T Slide4 right left left top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_L_L_B Slide4 right left left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_L_R_L Slide4 right left right left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_L_R_R Slide4 right left right right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_L_R_T Slide4 right left right top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_L_R_B Slide4 right left right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_LTL Slide4 right left top left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_LTR Slide4 right left top right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_LTT Slide4 right left top top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_LTB Slide4 right left top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_L_B_L Slide4 right left bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_L_B_R Slide4 right left bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_L_B_T Slide4 right left bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_L_B_B Slide4 right left bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_R_L_L Slide4 right right left left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_R_L_R Slide4 right right left right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_R_L_T Slide4 right right left top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_R_L_B Slide4 right right left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_R_R_L Slide4 right right right left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_R_R_R Slide4 right right right right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_R_R_T Slide4 right right right top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_R_R_B Slide4 right right right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_RTL Slide4 right right top left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_RTR Slide4 right right top right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_RTT Slide4 right right top top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_RTB Slide4 right right top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_R_B_L Slide4 right right bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_R_B_R Slide4 right right bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_R_B_T Slide4 right right bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_R_B_B Slide4 right right bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RTL_L Slide4 right top left left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RTL_R Slide4 right top left right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RTL_T Slide4 right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RTL_B Slide4 right top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RTR_L Slide4 right top right left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RTR_R Slide4 right top right right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RTR_T Slide4 right top right top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RTR_B Slide4 right top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RTT_L Slide4 right top top left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RTT_R Slide4 right top top right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RTT_T Slide4 right top top top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RTT_B Slide4 right top top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RTB_L Slide4 right top bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RTB_R Slide4 right top bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RTB_T Slide4 right top bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RTB_B Slide4 right top bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_B_L_L Slide4 right bottom left left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_B_L_R Slide4 right bottom left right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_B_L_T Slide4 right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_B_L_B Slide4 right bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_B_R_L Slide4 right bottom right left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_B_R_R Slide4 right bottom right right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_B_R_T Slide4 right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_B_R_B Slide4 right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_BTL Slide4 right bottom top left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_BTR Slide4 right bottom top right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_BTT Slide4 right bottom top top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_BTB Slide4 right bottom top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_B_B_L Slide4 right bottom bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_B_B_R Slide4 right bottom bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_B_B_T Slide4 right bottom bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_R_B_B_B Slide4 right bottom bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TL_L_L Slide4 top left left left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TL_L_R Slide4 top left left right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TL_L_T Slide4 top left left top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TL_L_B Slide4 top left left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TL_R_L Slide4 top left right left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TL_R_R Slide4 top left right right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TL_R_T Slide4 top left right top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TL_R_B Slide4 top left right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TLTL Slide4 top left top left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TLTR Slide4 top left top right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TLTT Slide4 top left top top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TLTB Slide4 top left top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TL_B_L Slide4 top left bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TL_B_R Slide4 top left bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TL_B_T Slide4 top left bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TL_B_B Slide4 top left bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TR_L_L Slide4 top right left left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TR_L_R Slide4 top right left right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TR_L_T Slide4 top right left top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TR_L_B Slide4 top right left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TR_R_L Slide4 top right right left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TR_R_R Slide4 top right right right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TR_R_T Slide4 top right right top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TR_R_B Slide4 top right right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TRTL Slide4 top right top left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TRTR Slide4 top right top right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TRTT Slide4 top right top top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TRTB Slide4 top right top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TR_B_L Slide4 top right bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TR_B_R Slide4 top right bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TR_B_T Slide4 top right bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TR_B_B Slide4 top right bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TT_L_L Slide4 top top left left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TT_L_R Slide4 top top left right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TT_L_T Slide4 top top left top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TT_L_B Slide4 top top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TT_R_L Slide4 top top right left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TT_R_R Slide4 top top right right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TT_R_T Slide4 top top right top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TT_R_B Slide4 top top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TTTL Slide4 top top top left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TTTR Slide4 top top top right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TTTT Slide4 top top top top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TTTB Slide4 top top top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TT_B_L Slide4 top top bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TT_B_R Slide4 top top bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TT_B_T Slide4 top top bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TT_B_B Slide4 top top bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TB_L_L Slide4 top bottom left left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TB_L_R Slide4 top bottom left right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TB_L_T Slide4 top bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TB_L_B Slide4 top bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TB_R_L Slide4 top bottom right left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TB_R_R Slide4 top bottom right right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TB_R_T Slide4 top bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TB_R_B Slide4 top bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TBTL Slide4 top bottom top left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TBTR Slide4 top bottom top right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TBTT Slide4 top bottom top top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TBTB Slide4 top bottom top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TB_B_L Slide4 top bottom bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TB_B_R Slide4 top bottom bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TB_B_T Slide4 top bottom bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4TB_B_B Slide4 top bottom bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_L_L_L Slide4 bottom left left left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_L_L_R Slide4 bottom left left right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_L_L_T Slide4 bottom left left top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_L_L_B Slide4 bottom left left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_L_R_L Slide4 bottom left right left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_L_R_R Slide4 bottom left right right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_L_R_T Slide4 bottom left right top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_L_R_B Slide4 bottom left right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_LTL Slide4 bottom left top left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_LTR Slide4 bottom left top right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_LTT Slide4 bottom left top top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_LTB Slide4 bottom left top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_L_B_L Slide4 bottom left bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_L_B_R Slide4 bottom left bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_L_B_T Slide4 bottom left bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_L_B_B Slide4 bottom left bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_R_L_L Slide4 bottom right left left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_R_L_R Slide4 bottom right left right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_R_L_T Slide4 bottom right left top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_R_L_B Slide4 bottom right left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_R_R_L Slide4 bottom right right left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_R_R_R Slide4 bottom right right right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_R_R_T Slide4 bottom right right top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_R_R_B Slide4 bottom right right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_RTL Slide4 bottom right top left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_RTR Slide4 bottom right top right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_RTT Slide4 bottom right top top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_RTB Slide4 bottom right top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_R_B_L Slide4 bottom right bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_R_B_R Slide4 bottom right bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_R_B_T Slide4 bottom right bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_R_B_B Slide4 bottom right bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_BTL_L Slide4 bottom top left left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_BTL_R Slide4 bottom top left right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_BTL_T Slide4 bottom top left top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_BTL_B Slide4 bottom top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_BTR_L Slide4 bottom top right left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_BTR_R Slide4 bottom top right right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_BTR_T Slide4 bottom top right top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_BTR_B Slide4 bottom top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_BTT_L Slide4 bottom top top left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_BTT_R Slide4 bottom top top right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_BTT_T Slide4 bottom top top top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_BTT_B Slide4 bottom top top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_BTB_L Slide4 bottom top bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_BTB_R Slide4 bottom top bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_BTB_T Slide4 bottom top bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_BTB_B Slide4 bottom top bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_B_L_L Slide4 bottom bottom left left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_B_L_R Slide4 bottom bottom left right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_B_L_T Slide4 bottom bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_B_L_B Slide4 bottom bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_B_R_L Slide4 bottom bottom right left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_B_R_R Slide4 bottom bottom right right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_B_R_T Slide4 bottom bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_B_R_B Slide4 bottom bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_BTL Slide4 bottom bottom top left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_BTR Slide4 bottom bottom top right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_BTT Slide4 bottom bottom top top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_BTB Slide4 bottom bottom top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_B_B_L Slide4 bottom bottom bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_B_B_R Slide4 bottom bottom bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_B_B_T Slide4 bottom bottom bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_B_B_B_B Slide4 bottom bottom bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LT_LT_LT Slide4 left-top left-top left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LT_LT_LB Slide4 left-top left-top left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LT_LT_RT Slide4 left-top left-top left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LT_LT_RB Slide4 left-top left-top left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LT_LB_LT Slide4 left-top left-top left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LT_LB_LB Slide4 left-top left-top left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LT_LB_RT Slide4 left-top left-top left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LT_LB_RB Slide4 left-top left-top left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LT_RT_LT Slide4 left-top left-top right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LT_RT_LB Slide4 left-top left-top right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LT_RT_RT Slide4 left-top left-top right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LT_RT_RB Slide4 left-top left-top right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LT_RB_LT Slide4 left-top left-top right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LT_RB_LB Slide4 left-top left-top right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LT_RB_RT Slide4 left-top left-top right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LT_RB_RB Slide4 left-top left-top right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LB_LT_LT Slide4 left-top left-bottom left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LB_LT_LB Slide4 left-top left-bottom left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LB_LT_RT Slide4 left-top left-bottom left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LB_LT_RB Slide4 left-top left-bottom left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LB_LB_LT Slide4 left-top left-bottom left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LB_LB_LB Slide4 left-top left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LB_LB_RT Slide4 left-top left-bottom left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LB_LB_RB Slide4 left-top left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LB_RT_LT Slide4 left-top left-bottom right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LB_RT_LB Slide4 left-top left-bottom right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LB_RT_RT Slide4 left-top left-bottom right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LB_RT_RB Slide4 left-top left-bottom right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LB_RB_LT Slide4 left-top left-bottom right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LB_RB_LB Slide4 left-top left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LB_RB_RT Slide4 left-top left-bottom right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_LB_RB_RB Slide4 left-top left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RT_LT_LT Slide4 left-top right-top left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RT_LT_LB Slide4 left-top right-top left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RT_LT_RT Slide4 left-top right-top left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RT_LT_RB Slide4 left-top right-top left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RT_LB_LT Slide4 left-top right-top left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RT_LB_LB Slide4 left-top right-top left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RT_LB_RT Slide4 left-top right-top left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RT_LB_RB Slide4 left-top right-top left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RT_RT_LT Slide4 left-top right-top right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RT_RT_LB Slide4 left-top right-top right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RT_RT_RT Slide4 left-top right-top right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RT_RT_RB Slide4 left-top right-top right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RT_RB_LT Slide4 left-top right-top right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RT_RB_LB Slide4 left-top right-top right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RT_RB_RT Slide4 left-top right-top right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RT_RB_RB Slide4 left-top right-top right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RB_LT_LT Slide4 left-top right-bottom left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RB_LT_LB Slide4 left-top right-bottom left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RB_LT_RT Slide4 left-top right-bottom left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RB_LT_RB Slide4 left-top right-bottom left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RB_LB_LT Slide4 left-top right-bottom left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RB_LB_LB Slide4 left-top right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RB_LB_RT Slide4 left-top right-bottom left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RB_LB_RB Slide4 left-top right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RB_RT_LT Slide4 left-top right-bottom right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RB_RT_LB Slide4 left-top right-bottom right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RB_RT_RT Slide4 left-top right-bottom right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RB_RT_RB Slide4 left-top right-bottom right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RB_RB_LT Slide4 left-top right-bottom right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RB_RB_LB Slide4 left-top right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RB_RB_RT Slide4 left-top right-bottom right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LT_RB_RB_RB Slide4 left-top right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LT_LT_LT Slide4 left-bottom left-top left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LT_LT_LB Slide4 left-bottom left-top left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LT_LT_RT Slide4 left-bottom left-top left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LT_LT_RB Slide4 left-bottom left-top left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LT_LB_LT Slide4 left-bottom left-top left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LT_LB_LB Slide4 left-bottom left-top left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LT_LB_RT Slide4 left-bottom left-top left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LT_LB_RB Slide4 left-bottom left-top left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LT_RT_LT Slide4 left-bottom left-top right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LT_RT_LB Slide4 left-bottom left-top right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LT_RT_RT Slide4 left-bottom left-top right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LT_RT_RB Slide4 left-bottom left-top right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LT_RB_LT Slide4 left-bottom left-top right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LT_RB_LB Slide4 left-bottom left-top right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LT_RB_RT Slide4 left-bottom left-top right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LT_RB_RB Slide4 left-bottom left-top right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LB_LT_LT Slide4 left-bottom left-bottom left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LB_LT_LB Slide4 left-bottom left-bottom left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LB_LT_RT Slide4 left-bottom left-bottom left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LB_LT_RB Slide4 left-bottom left-bottom left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LB_LB_LT Slide4 left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LB_LB_LB Slide4 left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LB_LB_RT Slide4 left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LB_LB_RB Slide4 left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LB_RT_LT Slide4 left-bottom left-bottom right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LB_RT_LB Slide4 left-bottom left-bottom right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LB_RT_RT Slide4 left-bottom left-bottom right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LB_RT_RB Slide4 left-bottom left-bottom right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LB_RB_LT Slide4 left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LB_RB_LB Slide4 left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LB_RB_RT Slide4 left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_LB_RB_RB Slide4 left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RT_LT_LT Slide4 left-bottom right-top left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RT_LT_LB Slide4 left-bottom right-top left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RT_LT_RT Slide4 left-bottom right-top left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RT_LT_RB Slide4 left-bottom right-top left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RT_LB_LT Slide4 left-bottom right-top left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RT_LB_LB Slide4 left-bottom right-top left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RT_LB_RT Slide4 left-bottom right-top left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RT_LB_RB Slide4 left-bottom right-top left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RT_RT_LT Slide4 left-bottom right-top right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RT_RT_LB Slide4 left-bottom right-top right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RT_RT_RT Slide4 left-bottom right-top right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RT_RT_RB Slide4 left-bottom right-top right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RT_RB_LT Slide4 left-bottom right-top right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RT_RB_LB Slide4 left-bottom right-top right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RT_RB_RT Slide4 left-bottom right-top right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RT_RB_RB Slide4 left-bottom right-top right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RB_LT_LT Slide4 left-bottom right-bottom left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RB_LT_LB Slide4 left-bottom right-bottom left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RB_LT_RT Slide4 left-bottom right-bottom left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RB_LT_RB Slide4 left-bottom right-bottom left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RB_LB_LT Slide4 left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RB_LB_LB Slide4 left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RB_LB_RT Slide4 left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RB_LB_RB Slide4 left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RB_RT_LT Slide4 left-bottom right-bottom right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RB_RT_LB Slide4 left-bottom right-bottom right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RB_RT_RT Slide4 left-bottom right-bottom right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RB_RT_RB Slide4 left-bottom right-bottom right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RB_RB_LT Slide4 left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RB_RB_LB Slide4 left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RB_RB_RT Slide4 left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_LB_RB_RB_RB Slide4 left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LT_LT_LT Slide4 right-top left-top left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LT_LT_LB Slide4 right-top left-top left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LT_LT_RT Slide4 right-top left-top left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LT_LT_RB Slide4 right-top left-top left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LT_LB_LT Slide4 right-top left-top left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LT_LB_LB Slide4 right-top left-top left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LT_LB_RT Slide4 right-top left-top left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LT_LB_RB Slide4 right-top left-top left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LT_RT_LT Slide4 right-top left-top right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LT_RT_LB Slide4 right-top left-top right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LT_RT_RT Slide4 right-top left-top right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LT_RT_RB Slide4 right-top left-top right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LT_RB_LT Slide4 right-top left-top right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LT_RB_LB Slide4 right-top left-top right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LT_RB_RT Slide4 right-top left-top right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LT_RB_RB Slide4 right-top left-top right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LB_LT_LT Slide4 right-top left-bottom left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LB_LT_LB Slide4 right-top left-bottom left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LB_LT_RT Slide4 right-top left-bottom left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LB_LT_RB Slide4 right-top left-bottom left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LB_LB_LT Slide4 right-top left-bottom left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LB_LB_LB Slide4 right-top left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LB_LB_RT Slide4 right-top left-bottom left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LB_LB_RB Slide4 right-top left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LB_RT_LT Slide4 right-top left-bottom right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LB_RT_LB Slide4 right-top left-bottom right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LB_RT_RT Slide4 right-top left-bottom right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LB_RT_RB Slide4 right-top left-bottom right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LB_RB_LT Slide4 right-top left-bottom right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LB_RB_LB Slide4 right-top left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LB_RB_RT Slide4 right-top left-bottom right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_LB_RB_RB Slide4 right-top left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RT_LT_LT Slide4 right-top right-top left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RT_LT_LB Slide4 right-top right-top left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RT_LT_RT Slide4 right-top right-top left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RT_LT_RB Slide4 right-top right-top left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RT_LB_LT Slide4 right-top right-top left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RT_LB_LB Slide4 right-top right-top left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RT_LB_RT Slide4 right-top right-top left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RT_LB_RB Slide4 right-top right-top left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RT_RT_LT Slide4 right-top right-top right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RT_RT_LB Slide4 right-top right-top right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RT_RT_RT Slide4 right-top right-top right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RT_RT_RB Slide4 right-top right-top right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RT_RB_LT Slide4 right-top right-top right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RT_RB_LB Slide4 right-top right-top right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RT_RB_RT Slide4 right-top right-top right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RT_RB_RB Slide4 right-top right-top right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RB_LT_LT Slide4 right-top right-bottom left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RB_LT_LB Slide4 right-top right-bottom left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RB_LT_RT Slide4 right-top right-bottom left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RB_LT_RB Slide4 right-top right-bottom left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RB_LB_LT Slide4 right-top right-bottom left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RB_LB_LB Slide4 right-top right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RB_LB_RT Slide4 right-top right-bottom left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RB_LB_RB Slide4 right-top right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RB_RT_LT Slide4 right-top right-bottom right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RB_RT_LB Slide4 right-top right-bottom right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RB_RT_RT Slide4 right-top right-bottom right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RB_RT_RB Slide4 right-top right-bottom right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RB_RB_LT Slide4 right-top right-bottom right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RB_RB_LB Slide4 right-top right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RB_RB_RT Slide4 right-top right-bottom right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RT_RB_RB_RB Slide4 right-top right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LT_LT_LT Slide4 right-bottom left-top left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LT_LT_LB Slide4 right-bottom left-top left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LT_LT_RT Slide4 right-bottom left-top left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LT_LT_RB Slide4 right-bottom left-top left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LT_LB_LT Slide4 right-bottom left-top left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LT_LB_LB Slide4 right-bottom left-top left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LT_LB_RT Slide4 right-bottom left-top left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LT_LB_RB Slide4 right-bottom left-top left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LT_RT_LT Slide4 right-bottom left-top right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LT_RT_LB Slide4 right-bottom left-top right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LT_RT_RT Slide4 right-bottom left-top right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LT_RT_RB Slide4 right-bottom left-top right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LT_RB_LT Slide4 right-bottom left-top right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LT_RB_LB Slide4 right-bottom left-top right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LT_RB_RT Slide4 right-bottom left-top right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LT_RB_RB Slide4 right-bottom left-top right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LB_LT_LT Slide4 right-bottom left-bottom left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LB_LT_LB Slide4 right-bottom left-bottom left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LB_LT_RT Slide4 right-bottom left-bottom left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LB_LT_RB Slide4 right-bottom left-bottom left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LB_LB_LT Slide4 right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LB_LB_LB Slide4 right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LB_LB_RT Slide4 right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LB_LB_RB Slide4 right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LB_RT_LT Slide4 right-bottom left-bottom right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LB_RT_LB Slide4 right-bottom left-bottom right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LB_RT_RT Slide4 right-bottom left-bottom right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LB_RT_RB Slide4 right-bottom left-bottom right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LB_RB_LT Slide4 right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LB_RB_LB Slide4 right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LB_RB_RT Slide4 right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_LB_RB_RB Slide4 right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RT_LT_LT Slide4 right-bottom right-top left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RT_LT_LB Slide4 right-bottom right-top left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RT_LT_RT Slide4 right-bottom right-top left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RT_LT_RB Slide4 right-bottom right-top left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RT_LB_LT Slide4 right-bottom right-top left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RT_LB_LB Slide4 right-bottom right-top left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RT_LB_RT Slide4 right-bottom right-top left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RT_LB_RB Slide4 right-bottom right-top left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RT_RT_LT Slide4 right-bottom right-top right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RT_RT_LB Slide4 right-bottom right-top right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RT_RT_RT Slide4 right-bottom right-top right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RT_RT_RB Slide4 right-bottom right-top right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RT_RB_LT Slide4 right-bottom right-top right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RT_RB_LB Slide4 right-bottom right-top right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RT_RB_RT Slide4 right-bottom right-top right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RT_RB_RB Slide4 right-bottom right-top right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RB_LT_LT Slide4 right-bottom right-bottom left-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RB_LT_LB Slide4 right-bottom right-bottom left-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RB_LT_RT Slide4 right-bottom right-bottom left-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RB_LT_RB Slide4 right-bottom right-bottom left-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RB_LB_LT Slide4 right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RB_LB_LB Slide4 right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RB_LB_RT Slide4 right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RB_LB_RB Slide4 right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RB_RT_LT Slide4 right-bottom right-bottom right-top left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RB_RT_LB Slide4 right-bottom right-bottom right-top left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RB_RT_RT Slide4 right-bottom right-bottom right-top right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RB_RT_RB Slide4 right-bottom right-bottom right-top right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RB_RB_LT Slide4 right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom left-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RB_RB_LB Slide4 right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom left-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RB_RB_RT Slide4 right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom right-top
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE4_RB_RB_RB_RB Slide4 right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom right-bottom
EFX_EFFECT_SLIDE_MAX Number of effects in this class.
Roll class:
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL_L_TO_R Roll left to right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL_R_TO_L Roll right to left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLLTTO_B Roll top to bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL_B_TO_T Roll bottom to top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL2TR_TO_L_AND_B_L_TO_R Roll2 top right to left and bottom left to right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL2TL_TO_R_AND_B_R_TO_L Roll2 top left to right and bottom right to left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL2_L_B_TOTAND_RTTO_B Roll2 left bottom to top and right top to bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL2_LTTO_B_AND_R_B_TO_T Roll2 left top to bottom and right bottom to top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_L_L_L Roll4 left left left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_L_L_R Roll4 left left left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_L_L_T Roll4 left left left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_L_L_B Roll4 left left left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_L_R_L Roll4 left left right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_L_R_R Roll4 left left right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_L_R_T Roll4 left left right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_L_R_B Roll4 left left right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_LTL Roll4 left left top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_LTR Roll4 left left top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_LTT Roll4 left left top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_LTB Roll4 left left top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_L_B_L Roll4 left left bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_L_B_R Roll4 left left bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_L_B_T Roll4 left left bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_L_B_B Roll4 left left bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_R_L_L Roll4 left right left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_R_L_R Roll4 left right left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_R_L_T Roll4 left right left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_R_L_B Roll4 left right left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_R_R_L Roll4 left right right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_R_R_R Roll4 left right right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_R_R_T Roll4 left right right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_R_R_B Roll4 left right right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_RTL Roll4 left right top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_RTR Roll4 left right top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_RTT Roll4 left right top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_RTB Roll4 left right top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_R_B_L Roll4 left right bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_R_B_R Roll4 left right bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_R_B_T Roll4 left right bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_R_B_B Roll4 left right bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_LTL_L Roll4 left top left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_LTL_R Roll4 left top left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_LTL_T Roll4 left top left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_LTL_B Roll4 left top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_LTR_L Roll4 left top right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_LTR_R Roll4 left top right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_LTR_T Roll4 left top right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_LTR_B Roll4 left top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_LTT_L Roll4 left top top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_LTT_R Roll4 left top top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_LTT_T Roll4 left top top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_LTT_B Roll4 left top top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_LTB_L Roll4 left top bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_LTB_R Roll4 left top bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_LTB_T Roll4 left top bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_LTB_B Roll4 left top bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_B_L_L Roll4 left bottom left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_B_L_R Roll4 left bottom left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_B_L_T Roll4 left bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_B_L_B Roll4 left bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_B_R_L Roll4 left bottom right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_B_R_R Roll4 left bottom right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_B_R_T Roll4 left bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_B_R_B Roll4 left bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_BTL Roll4 left bottom top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_BTR Roll4 left bottom top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_BTT Roll4 left bottom top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_BTB Roll4 left bottom top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_B_B_L Roll4 left bottom bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_B_B_R Roll4 left bottom bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_B_B_T Roll4 left bottom bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_L_B_B_B Roll4 left bottom bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_L_L_L Roll4 right left left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_L_L_R Roll4 right left left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_L_L_T Roll4 right left left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_L_L_B Roll4 right left left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_L_R_L Roll4 right left right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_L_R_R Roll4 right left right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_L_R_T Roll4 right left right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_L_R_B Roll4 right left right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_LTL Roll4 right left top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_LTR Roll4 right left top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_LTT Roll4 right left top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_LTB Roll4 right left top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_L_B_L Roll4 right left bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_L_B_R Roll4 right left bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_L_B_T Roll4 right left bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_L_B_B Roll4 right left bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_R_L_L Roll4 right right left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_R_L_R Roll4 right right left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_R_L_T Roll4 right right left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_R_L_B Roll4 right right left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_R_R_L Roll4 right right right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_R_R_R Roll4 right right right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_R_R_T Roll4 right right right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_R_R_B Roll4 right right right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_RTL Roll4 right right top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_RTR Roll4 right right top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_RTT Roll4 right right top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_RTB Roll4 right right top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_R_B_L Roll4 right right bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_R_B_R Roll4 right right bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_R_B_T Roll4 right right bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_R_B_B Roll4 right right bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_RTL_L Roll4 right top left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_RTL_R Roll4 right top left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_RTL_T Roll4 right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_RTL_B Roll4 right top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_RTR_L Roll4 right top right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_RTR_R Roll4 right top right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_RTR_T Roll4 right top right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_RTR_B Roll4 right top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_RTT_L Roll4 right top top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_RTT_R Roll4 right top top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_RTT_T Roll4 right top top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_RTT_B Roll4 right top top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_RTB_L Roll4 right top bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_RTB_R Roll4 right top bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_RTB_T Roll4 right top bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_RTB_B Roll4 right top bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_B_L_L Roll4 right bottom left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_B_L_R Roll4 right bottom left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_B_L_T Roll4 right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_B_L_B Roll4 right bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_B_R_L Roll4 right bottom right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_B_R_R Roll4 right bottom right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_B_R_T Roll4 right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_B_R_B Roll4 right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_BTL Roll4 right bottom top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_BTR Roll4 right bottom top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_BTT Roll4 right bottom top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_BTB Roll4 right bottom top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_B_B_L Roll4 right bottom bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_B_B_R Roll4 right bottom bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_B_B_T Roll4 right bottom bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_R_B_B_B Roll4 right bottom bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TL_L_L Roll4 top left left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TL_L_R Roll4 top left left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TL_L_T Roll4 top left left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TL_L_B Roll4 top left left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TL_R_L Roll4 top left right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TL_R_R Roll4 top left right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TL_R_T Roll4 top left right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TL_R_B Roll4 top left right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TLTL Roll4 top left top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TLTR Roll4 top left top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TLTT Roll4 top left top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TLTB Roll4 top left top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TL_B_L Roll4 top left bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TL_B_R Roll4 top left bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TL_B_T Roll4 top left bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TL_B_B Roll4 top left bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TR_L_L Roll4 top right left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TR_L_R Roll4 top right left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TR_L_T Roll4 top right left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TR_L_B Roll4 top right left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TR_R_L Roll4 top right right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TR_R_R Roll4 top right right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TR_R_T Roll4 top right right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TR_R_B Roll4 top right right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TRTL Roll4 top right top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TRTR Roll4 top right top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TRTT Roll4 top right top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TRTB Roll4 top right top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TR_B_L Roll4 top right bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TR_B_R Roll4 top right bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TR_B_T Roll4 top right bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TR_B_B Roll4 top right bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TT_L_L Roll4 top top left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TT_L_R Roll4 top top left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TT_L_T Roll4 top top left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TT_L_B Roll4 top top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TT_R_L Roll4 top top right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TT_R_R Roll4 top top right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TT_R_T Roll4 top top right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TT_R_B Roll4 top top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TTTL Roll4 top top top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TTTR Roll4 top top top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TTTT Roll4 top top top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TTTB Roll4 top top top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TT_B_L Roll4 top top bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TT_B_R Roll4 top top bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TT_B_T Roll4 top top bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TT_B_B Roll4 top top bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TB_L_L Roll4 top bottom left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TB_L_R Roll4 top bottom left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TB_L_T Roll4 top bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TB_L_B Roll4 top bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TB_R_L Roll4 top bottom right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TB_R_R Roll4 top bottom right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TB_R_T Roll4 top bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TB_R_B Roll4 top bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TBTL Roll4 top bottom top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TBTR Roll4 top bottom top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TBTT Roll4 top bottom top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TBTB Roll4 top bottom top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TB_B_L Roll4 top bottom bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TB_B_R Roll4 top bottom bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TB_B_T Roll4 top bottom bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4TB_B_B Roll4 top bottom bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_L_L_L Roll4 bottom left left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_L_L_R Roll4 bottom left left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_L_L_T Roll4 bottom left left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_L_L_B Roll4 bottom left left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_L_R_L Roll4 bottom left right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_L_R_R Roll4 bottom left right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_L_R_T Roll4 bottom left right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_L_R_B Roll4 bottom left right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_LTL Roll4 bottom left top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_LTR Roll4 bottom left top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_LTT Roll4 bottom left top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_LTB Roll4 bottom left top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_L_B_L Roll4 bottom left bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_L_B_R Roll4 bottom left bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_L_B_T Roll4 bottom left bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_L_B_B Roll4 bottom left bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_R_L_L Roll4 bottom right left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_R_L_R Roll4 bottom right left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_R_L_T Roll4 bottom right left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_R_L_B Roll4 bottom right left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_R_R_L Roll4 bottom right right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_R_R_R Roll4 bottom right right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_R_R_T Roll4 bottom right right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_R_R_B Roll4 bottom right right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_RTL Roll4 bottom right top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_RTR Roll4 bottom right top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_RTT Roll4 bottom right top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_RTB Roll4 bottom right top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_R_B_L Roll4 bottom right bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_R_B_R Roll4 bottom right bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_R_B_T Roll4 bottom right bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_R_B_B Roll4 bottom right bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_BTL_L Roll4 bottom top left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_BTL_R Roll4 bottom top left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_BTL_T Roll4 bottom top left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_BTL_B Roll4 bottom top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_BTR_L Roll4 bottom top right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_BTR_R Roll4 bottom top right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_BTR_T Roll4 bottom top right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_BTR_B Roll4 bottom top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_BTT_L Roll4 bottom top top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_BTT_R Roll4 bottom top top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_BTT_T Roll4 bottom top top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_BTT_B Roll4 bottom top top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_BTB_L Roll4 bottom top bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_BTB_R Roll4 bottom top bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_BTB_T Roll4 bottom top bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_BTB_B Roll4 bottom top bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_B_L_L Roll4 bottom bottom left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_B_L_R Roll4 bottom bottom left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_B_L_T Roll4 bottom bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_B_L_B Roll4 bottom bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_B_R_L Roll4 bottom bottom right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_B_R_R Roll4 bottom bottom right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_B_R_T Roll4 bottom bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_B_R_B Roll4 bottom bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_BTL Roll4 bottom bottom top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_BTR Roll4 bottom bottom top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_BTT Roll4 bottom bottom top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_BTB Roll4 bottom bottom top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_B_B_L Roll4 bottom bottom bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_B_B_R Roll4 bottom bottom bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_B_B_T Roll4 bottom bottom bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL4_B_B_B_B Roll4 bottom bottom bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROLL_MAX Number of effects in this class.
Rotate class:
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE_L_TO_R Rotate left to right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE_R_TO_L Rotate right to left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATETTO_B Rotate top to bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE_B_TO_T Rotate bottom to top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_L_L_L Rotate4 left left left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_L_L_R Rotate4 left left left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_L_L_T Rotate4 left left left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_L_L_B Rotate4 left left left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_L_R_L Rotate4 left left right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_L_R_R Rotate4 left left right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_L_R_T Rotate4 left left right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_L_R_B Rotate4 left left right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_LTL Rotate4 left left top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_LTR Rotate4 left left top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_LTT Rotate4 left left top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_LTB Rotate4 left left top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_L_B_L Rotate4 left left bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_L_B_R Rotate4 left left bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_L_B_T Rotate4 left left bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_L_B_B Rotate4 left left bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_R_L_L Rotate4 left right left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_R_L_R Rotate4 left right left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_R_L_T Rotate4 left right left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_R_L_B Rotate4 left right left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_R_R_L Rotate4 left right right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_R_R_R Rotate4 left right right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_R_R_T Rotate4 left right right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_R_R_B Rotate4 left right right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_RTL Rotate4 left right top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_RTR Rotate4 left right top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_RTT Rotate4 left right top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_RTB Rotate4 left right top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_R_B_L Rotate4 left right bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_R_B_R Rotate4 left right bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_R_B_T Rotate4 left right bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_R_B_B Rotate4 left right bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_LTL_L Rotate4 left top left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_LTL_R Rotate4 left top left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_LTL_T Rotate4 left top left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_LTL_B Rotate4 left top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_LTR_L Rotate4 left top right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_LTR_R Rotate4 left top right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_LTR_T Rotate4 left top right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_LTR_B Rotate4 left top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_LTT_L Rotate4 left top top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_LTT_R Rotate4 left top top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_LTT_T Rotate4 left top top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_LTT_B Rotate4 left top top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_LTB_L Rotate4 left top bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_LTB_R Rotate4 left top bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_LTB_T Rotate4 left top bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_LTB_B Rotate4 left top bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_B_L_L Rotate4 left bottom left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_B_L_R Rotate4 left bottom left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_B_L_T Rotate4 left bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_B_L_B Rotate4 left bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_B_R_L Rotate4 left bottom right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_B_R_R Rotate4 left bottom right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_B_R_T Rotate4 left bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_B_R_B Rotate4 left bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_BTL Rotate4 left bottom top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_BTR Rotate4 left bottom top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_BTT Rotate4 left bottom top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_BTB Rotate4 left bottom top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_B_B_L Rotate4 left bottom bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_B_B_R Rotate4 left bottom bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_B_B_T Rotate4 left bottom bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_L_B_B_B Rotate4 left bottom bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_L_L_L Rotate4 right left left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_L_L_R Rotate4 right left left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_L_L_T Rotate4 right left left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_L_L_B Rotate4 right left left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_L_R_L Rotate4 right left right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_L_R_R Rotate4 right left right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_L_R_T Rotate4 right left right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_L_R_B Rotate4 right left right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_LTL Rotate4 right left top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_LTR Rotate4 right left top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_LTT Rotate4 right left top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_LTB Rotate4 right left top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_L_B_L Rotate4 right left bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_L_B_R Rotate4 right left bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_L_B_T Rotate4 right left bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_L_B_B Rotate4 right left bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_R_L_L Rotate4 right right left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_R_L_R Rotate4 right right left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_R_L_T Rotate4 right right left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_R_L_B Rotate4 right right left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_R_R_L Rotate4 right right right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_R_R_R Rotate4 right right right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_R_R_T Rotate4 right right right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_R_R_B Rotate4 right right right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_RTL Rotate4 right right top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_RTR Rotate4 right right top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_RTT Rotate4 right right top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_RTB Rotate4 right right top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_R_B_L Rotate4 right right bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_R_B_R Rotate4 right right bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_R_B_T Rotate4 right right bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_R_B_B Rotate4 right right bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_RTL_L Rotate4 right top left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_RTL_R Rotate4 right top left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_RTL_T Rotate4 right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_RTL_B Rotate4 right top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_RTR_L Rotate4 right top right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_RTR_R Rotate4 right top right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_RTR_T Rotate4 right top right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_RTR_B Rotate4 right top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_RTT_L Rotate4 right top top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_RTT_R Rotate4 right top top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_RTT_T Rotate4 right top top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_RTT_B Rotate4 right top top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_RTB_L Rotate4 right top bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_RTB_R Rotate4 right top bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_RTB_T Rotate4 right top bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_RTB_B Rotate4 right top bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_B_L_L Rotate4 right bottom left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_B_L_R Rotate4 right bottom left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_B_L_T Rotate4 right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_B_L_B Rotate4 right bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_B_R_L Rotate4 right bottom right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_B_R_R Rotate4 right bottom right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_B_R_T Rotate4 right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_B_R_B Rotate4 right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_BTL Rotate4 right bottom top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_BTR Rotate4 right bottom top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_BTT Rotate4 right bottom top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_BTB Rotate4 right bottom top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_B_B_L Rotate4 right bottom bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_B_B_R Rotate4 right bottom bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_B_B_T Rotate4 right bottom bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_R_B_B_B Rotate4 right bottom bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TL_L_L Rotate4 top left left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TL_L_R Rotate4 top left left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TL_L_T Rotate4 top left left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TL_L_B Rotate4 top left left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TL_R_L Rotate4 top left right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TL_R_R Rotate4 top left right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TL_R_T Rotate4 top left right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TL_R_B Rotate4 top left right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TLTL Rotate4 top left top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TLTR Rotate4 top left top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TLTT Rotate4 top left top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TLTB Rotate4 top left top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TL_B_L Rotate4 top left bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TL_B_R Rotate4 top left bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TL_B_T Rotate4 top left bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TL_B_B Rotate4 top left bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TR_L_L Rotate4 top right left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TR_L_R Rotate4 top right left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TR_L_T Rotate4 top right left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TR_L_B Rotate4 top right left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TR_R_L Rotate4 top right right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TR_R_R Rotate4 top right right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TR_R_T Rotate4 top right right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TR_R_B Rotate4 top right right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TRTL Rotate4 top right top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TRTR Rotate4 top right top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TRTT Rotate4 top right top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TRTB Rotate4 top right top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TR_B_L Rotate4 top right bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TR_B_R Rotate4 top right bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TR_B_T Rotate4 top right bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TR_B_B Rotate4 top right bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TT_L_L Rotate4 top top left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TT_L_R Rotate4 top top left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TT_L_T Rotate4 top top left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TT_L_B Rotate4 top top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TT_R_L Rotate4 top top right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TT_R_R Rotate4 top top right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TT_R_T Rotate4 top top right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TT_R_B Rotate4 top top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TTTL Rotate4 top top top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TTTR Rotate4 top top top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TTTT Rotate4 top top top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TTTB Rotate4 top top top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TT_B_L Rotate4 top top bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TT_B_R Rotate4 top top bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TT_B_T Rotate4 top top bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TT_B_B Rotate4 top top bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TB_L_L Rotate4 top bottom left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TB_L_R Rotate4 top bottom left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TB_L_T Rotate4 top bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TB_L_B Rotate4 top bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TB_R_L Rotate4 top bottom right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TB_R_R Rotate4 top bottom right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TB_R_T Rotate4 top bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TB_R_B Rotate4 top bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TBTL Rotate4 top bottom top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TBTR Rotate4 top bottom top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TBTT Rotate4 top bottom top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TBTB Rotate4 top bottom top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TB_B_L Rotate4 top bottom bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TB_B_R Rotate4 top bottom bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TB_B_T Rotate4 top bottom bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4TB_B_B Rotate4 top bottom bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_L_L_L Rotate4 bottom left left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_L_L_R Rotate4 bottom left left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_L_L_T Rotate4 bottom left left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_L_L_B Rotate4 bottom left left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_L_R_L Rotate4 bottom left right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_L_R_R Rotate4 bottom left right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_L_R_T Rotate4 bottom left right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_L_R_B Rotate4 bottom left right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_LTL Rotate4 bottom left top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_LTR Rotate4 bottom left top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_LTT Rotate4 bottom left top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_LTB Rotate4 bottom left top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_L_B_L Rotate4 bottom left bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_L_B_R Rotate4 bottom left bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_L_B_T Rotate4 bottom left bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_L_B_B Rotate4 bottom left bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_R_L_L Rotate4 bottom right left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_R_L_R Rotate4 bottom right left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_R_L_T Rotate4 bottom right left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_R_L_B Rotate4 bottom right left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_R_R_L Rotate4 bottom right right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_R_R_R Rotate4 bottom right right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_R_R_T Rotate4 bottom right right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_R_R_B Rotate4 bottom right right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_RTL Rotate4 bottom right top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_RTR Rotate4 bottom right top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_RTT Rotate4 bottom right top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_RTB Rotate4 bottom right top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_R_B_L Rotate4 bottom right bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_R_B_R Rotate4 bottom right bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_R_B_T Rotate4 bottom right bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_R_B_B Rotate4 bottom right bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_BTL_L Rotate4 bottom top left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_BTL_R Rotate4 bottom top left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_BTL_T Rotate4 bottom top left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_BTL_B Rotate4 bottom top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_BTR_L Rotate4 bottom top right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_BTR_R Rotate4 bottom top right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_BTR_T Rotate4 bottom top right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_BTR_B Rotate4 bottom top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_BTT_L Rotate4 bottom top top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_BTT_R Rotate4 bottom top top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_BTT_T Rotate4 bottom top top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_BTT_B Rotate4 bottom top top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_BTB_L Rotate4 bottom top bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_BTB_R Rotate4 bottom top bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_BTB_T Rotate4 bottom top bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_BTB_B Rotate4 bottom top bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_B_L_L Rotate4 bottom bottom left left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_B_L_R Rotate4 bottom bottom left right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_B_L_T Rotate4 bottom bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_B_L_B Rotate4 bottom bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_B_R_L Rotate4 bottom bottom right left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_B_R_R Rotate4 bottom bottom right right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_B_R_T Rotate4 bottom bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_B_R_B Rotate4 bottom bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_BTL Rotate4 bottom bottom top left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_BTR Rotate4 bottom bottom top right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_BTT Rotate4 bottom bottom top top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_BTB Rotate4 bottom bottom top bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_B_B_L Rotate4 bottom bottom bottom left
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_B_B_R Rotate4 bottom bottom bottom right
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_B_B_T Rotate4 bottom bottom bottom top
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE4_B_B_B_B Rotate4 bottom bottom bottom bottom
EFX_EFFECT_ROTATE_MAX Number of effects in this class.
Zoom class:
EFX_EFFECT_ZOOM_TO_C Zoom to center
EFX_EFFECT_ZOOM_FROM_C Zoom from center
EFX_EFFECT_ZOOM_MAX Number of effects in this class.
Drip class:
EFX_EFFECT_DRIPTTO_B Drip top to bottom
EFX_EFFECT_DRIP_B_TO_T Drip bottom to top
EFX_EFFECT_DRIP_L_TO_R Drip left to right
EFX_EFFECT_DRIP_R_TO_L Drip right to left
EFX_EFFECT_DRIP_MAX Number of effects in this class.
Blind class:
EFX_EFFECT_BLINDTTO_B Blind top to bottom
EFX_EFFECT_BLIND_L_TO_R Blind left to right
EFX_EFFECT_BLIND_GROWING_L_TO_R Blind growing left to right
EFX_EFFECT_BLIND_GROWING_R_TO_L Blind growing right to left
EFX_EFFECT_BLIND_GROWINGTTO_B Blind growing top to bottom
EFX_EFFECT_BLIND_GROWING_B_TO_T Blind growing bottom to top
EFX_EFFECT_BLIND2TTO_B_AND_L_TO_R Blind2 top to bottom and left to right
EFX_EFFECT_BLIND_MAX Number of effects in this class.
Random class:
EFX_EFFECT_RANDOM_BARS_R_TO_L Random bars right to left
EFX_EFFECT_RANDOM_BARS_L_TO_R Random bars left to right
EFX_EFFECT_RANDOM_BARS_B_TO_T Random bars bottom to top
EFX_EFFECT_RANDOM_BARSTTO_B Random bars top to bottom
EFX_EFFECT_RANDOM_BLOCKS_R_TO_L Random blocks right to left
EFX_EFFECT_RANDOM_BLOCKS_L_TO_R Random blocks left to right
EFX_EFFECT_RANDOM_BLOCKS_B_TO_T Random blocks bottom to top
EFX_EFFECT_RANDOM_BLOCKSTTO_B Random blocks top to bottom
EFX_EFFECT_RANDOM_MAX Number of effects in this class.
Checkerboard class:
EFX_EFFECT_CHECKERBOARDTTO_B_THENTTO_B Checkerboard top to bottom then top to bottom
EFX_EFFECT_CHECKERBOARD_B_TOTTHEN_B_TO_T Checkerboard bottom to top then bottom to top
EFX_EFFECT_CHECKERBOARD_L_TO_R_THEN_L_TO_R Checkerboard left to right then left to right
EFX_EFFECT_CHECKERBOARD_R_TO_L_THEN_R_TO_L Checkerboard right to left then right to left
EFX_EFFECT_CHECKERBOARDTTO_B_THEN_B_TO_T Checkerboard top to bottom then bottom to top
EFX_EFFECT_CHECKERBOARD_B_TOTTHENTTO_B Checkerboard bottom to top then top to bottom
EFX_EFFECT_CHECKERBOARD_L_TO_R_THEN_R_TO_L Checkerboard left to right then right to left
EFX_EFFECT_CHECKERBOARD_R_TO_L_THEN_L_TO_R Checkerboard right to left then left to right
EFX_EFFECT_CHECKERBOARD_MAX Number of effects in this class.
Blocks class:
EFX_EFFECT_BLOCKSTTO_B Blocks top to bottom
EFX_EFFECT_BLOCKS_B_TO_T Blocks bottom to top
EFX_EFFECT_BLOCKS_L_TO_R Blocks left to right
EFX_EFFECT_BLOCKS_R_TO_L Blocks right to left
EFX_EFFECT_BLOCKS_SWIRL_CW_TO_C Blocks swirl CW to center
EFX_EFFECT_BLOCKS_SWIRL_CW_FROM_C Blocks swirl CW from center
EFX_EFFECT_BLOCKS_MAX Number of effects in this class.
Circle class:
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_C_IN Circle center in
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_C_OUT Circle center out
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_R_IN Circle right in
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_R_OUT Circle right out
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_B_IN Circle bottom in
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_B_OUT Circle bottom out
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_C_INTER_IN_THEN_IN Circle center interlace in then in
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_C_INTER_OUT_THEN_OUT Circle center interlace out then out
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_C_INTER_IN_THEN_OUT Circle center interlace in then out
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_C_INTER_OUT_THEN_IN Circle center interlace out then in
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_L_INTER_IN_THEN_IN Circle left interlace in then in
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_L_INTER_OUT_THEN_OUT Circle left interlace out then out
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_L_INTER_IN_THEN_OUT Circle left interlace in then out
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_L_INTER_OUT_THEN_IN Circle left interlace out then in
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_R_INTER_IN_THEN_IN Circle right interlace in then in
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_R_INTER_OUT_THEN_OUT Circle right interlace out then out
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_R_INTER_IN_THEN_OUT Circle right interlace in then out
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_R_INTER_OUT_THEN_IN Circle right interlace out then in
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLETINTER_IN_THEN_IN Circle top interlace in then in
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLETINTER_OUT_THEN_OUT Circle top interlace out then out
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLETINTER_IN_THEN_OUT Circle top interlace in then out
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLETINTER_OUT_THEN_IN Circle top interlace out then in
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_B_INTER_IN_THEN_IN Circle bottom interlace in then in
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_B_INTER_OUT_THEN_OUT Circle bottom interlace out then out
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_B_INTER_IN_THEN_OUT Circle bottom interlace in then out
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_B_INTER_OUT_THEN_IN Circle bottom interlace out then in
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_L_R_INTER Circle left right interlace
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLETB_INTER Circle top bottom interlace
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE2_L_R_OUT Circle2 left right out
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE2_L_R_IN Circle2 left right in
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE2TB_OUT Circle2 top bottom out
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE2TB_IN Circle2 top bottom in
EFX_EFFECT_CIRCLE_MAX Number of effects in this class.
Ellipse class:
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_C_IN Ellipse center in
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_C_OUT Ellipse center out
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_R_IN Ellipse right in
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_R_OUT Ellipse right out
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_B_IN Ellipse bottom in
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_B_OUT Ellipse bottom out
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_C_INTER_IN_THEN_IN Ellipse center interlace in then in
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_C_INTER_OUT_THEN_OUT Ellipse center interlace out then out
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_C_INTER_IN_THEN_OUT Ellipse center interlace in then out
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_C_INTER_OUT_THEN_IN Ellipse center interlace out then in
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_L_INTER_IN_THEN_IN Ellipse left interlace in then in
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_L_INTER_OUT_THEN_OUT Ellipse left interlace out then out
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_L_INTER_IN_THEN_OUT Ellipse left interlace in then out
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_L_INTER_OUT_THEN_IN Ellipse left interlace out then in
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_R_INTER_IN_THEN_IN Ellipse right interlace in then in
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_R_INTER_OUT_THEN_OUT Ellipse right interlace out then out
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_R_INTER_IN_THEN_OUT Ellipse right interlace in then out
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_R_INTER_OUT_THEN_IN Ellipse right interlace out then in
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSETINTER_IN_THEN_IN Ellipse top interlace in then in
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSETINTER_OUT_THEN_OUT Ellipse top interlace out then out
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSETINTER_IN_THEN_OUT Ellipse top interlace in then out
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSETINTER_OUT_THEN_IN Ellipse top interlace out then in
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_B_INTER_IN_THEN_IN Ellipse bottom interlace in then in
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_B_INTER_OUT_THEN_OUT Ellipse bottom interlace out then out
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_B_INTER_IN_THEN_OUT Ellipse bottom interlace in then out
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_B_INTER_OUT_THEN_IN Ellipse bottom interlace out then in
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_L_R_INTER Ellipse left right interlace
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSETB_INTER Ellipse top bottom interlace
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE2_L_R_OUT Ellipse2 left right out
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE2_L_R_IN Ellipse2 left right in
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE2TB_OUT Ellipse2 top bottom out
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE2TB_IN Ellipse2 top bottom in
EFX_EFFECT_ELLIPSE_MAX Number of effects in this class.
Twirl class:
EFX_EFFECT_TWIRL_CW Twirl clockwise
EFX_EFFECT_TWIRL_CCW Twirl counter clockwise
Wave class:
EFX_EFFECT_WAVE_TB Wave from top to bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WAVE_BT Wave from bottom to top
EFX_EFFECT_WAVE_LR Wave from left to right
EFX_EFFECT_WAVE_RL Wave from right to left
White Turnover class:
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER_LT_TO_RB Left top to right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER_LB_TO_RT Left bottom to right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER_RT_TO_LB Right top to left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER_RB_TO_LT Right bottom to left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER2_LT_LT Left top and left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER2_LT_LB Left top and left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER2_LT_RT Left top and right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER2_LT_RB Left top and right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER2_LB_LT Left bottom and left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER2_LB_LB Left bottom and left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER2_LB_RT Left bottom and right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER2_LB_RB Left bottom and right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER2_RT_LT Right top and left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER2_RT_LB Right top and left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER2_RT_RT Right top and right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER2_RT_RB Right top and right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER2_RB_LT Right bottom and left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER2_RB_LB Right bottom and left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER2_RB_RT Right bottom and right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER2_RB_RB Right bottom and right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LT_LT_LT Left top left top left top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LT_LT_RT Left top left top left top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LT_LT_RB Left top left top left top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LT_LT_LB Left top left top left top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LT_RT_LT Left top left top right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LT_RT_RT Left top left top right top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LT_RT_RB Left top left top right top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LT_RT_LB Left top left top right top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LT_RB_LT Left top left top right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LT_RB_RT Left top left top right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LT_RB_RB Left top left top right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LT_RB_LB Left top left top right bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LT_LB_LT Left top left top left bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LT_LB_RT Left top left top left bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LT_LB_RB Left top left top left bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LT_LB_LB Left top left top left bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RT_LT_LT Left top right top left top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RT_LT_RT Left top right top left top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RT_LT_RB Left top right top left top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RT_LT_LB Left top right top left top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RT_RT_LT Left top right top right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RT_RT_RT Left top right top right top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RT_RT_RB Left top right top right top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RT_RT_LB Left top right top right top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RT_RB_LT Left top right top right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RT_RB_RT Left top right top right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RT_RB_RB Left top right top right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RT_RB_LB Left top right top right bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RT_LB_LT Left top right top left bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RT_LB_RT Left top right top left bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RT_LB_RB Left top right top left bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RT_LB_LB Left top right top left bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RB_LT_LT Left top right bottom left top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RB_LT_RT Left top right bottom left top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RB_LT_RB Left top right bottom left top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RB_LT_LB Left top right bottom left top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RB_RT_LT Left top right bottom right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RB_RT_RT Left top right bottom right top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RB_RT_RB Left top right bottom right top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RB_RT_LB Left top right bottom right top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RB_RB_LT Left top right bottom right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RB_RB_RT Left top right bottom right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RB_RB_RB Left top right bottom right bottom right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RB_RB_LB Left top right bottom right bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RB_LB_LT Left top right bottom left bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RB_LB_RT Left top right bottom left bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RB_LB_RB Left top right bottom left bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_RB_LB_LB Left top right bottom left bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LB_LT_LT Left top left bottom left top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LB_LT_RT Left top left bottom left top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LB_LT_RB Left top left bottom left top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LB_LT_LB Left top left bottom left top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LB_RT_LT Left top left bottom right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LB_RT_RT Left top left bottom right top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LB_RT_RB Left top left bottom right top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LB_RT_LB Left top left bottom right top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LB_RB_LT Left top left bottom right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LB_RB_RT Left top left bottom right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LB_RB_RB Left top left bottom right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LB_RB_LB Left top left bottom right bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LB_LB_LT Left top left bottom left bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LB_LB_RT Left top left bottom left bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LB_LB_RB Left top left bottom left bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LT_LB_LB_LB Left top left bottom left bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LT_LT_LT Right top left top left top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LT_LT_RT Right top left top left top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LT_LT_RB Right top left top left top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LT_LT_LB Right top left top left top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LT_RT_LT Right top left top right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LT_RT_RT Right top left top right top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LT_RT_RB Right top left top right top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LT_RT_LB Right top left top right top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LT_RB_LT Right top left top right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LT_RB_RT Right top left top right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LT_RB_RB Right top left top right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LT_RB_LB Right top left top right bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LT_LB_LT Right top left top left bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LT_LB_RT Right top left top left bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LT_LB_RB Right top left top left bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LT_LB_LB Right top left top left bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RT_LT_LT Right top right top left top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RT_LT_RT Right top right top left top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RT_LT_RB Right top right top left top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RT_LT_LB Right top right top left top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RT_RT_LT Right top right top right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RT_RT_RT Right top right top right top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RT_RT_RB Right top right top right top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RT_RT_LB Right top right top right top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RT_RB_LT Right top right top right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RT_RB_RT Right top right top right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RT_RB_RB Right top right top right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RT_RB_LB Right top right top right bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RT_LB_LT Right top right top left bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RT_LB_RT Right top right top left bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RT_LB_RB Right top right top left bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RT_LB_LB Right top right top left bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RB_LT_LT Right top right bottom left top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RB_LT_RT Right top right bottom left top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RB_LT_RB Right top right bottom left top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RB_LT_LB Right top right bottom left top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RB_RT_LT Right top right bottom right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RB_RT_RT Right top right bottom right top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RB_RT_RB Right top right bottom right top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RB_RT_LB Right top right bottom right top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RB_RB_LT Right top right bottom right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RB_RB_RT Right top right bottom right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RB_RB_RB Right top right bottom right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RB_RB_LB Right top right bottom right bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RB_LB_LT Right top right bottom left bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RB_LB_RT Right top right bottom left bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RB_LB_RB Right top right bottom left bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_RB_LB_LB Right top right bottom left bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LB_LT_LT Right top left bottom left top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LB_LT_RT Right top left bottom left top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LB_LT_RB Right top left bottom left top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LB_LT_LB Right top left bottom left top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LB_RT_LT Right top left bottom right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LB_RT_RT Right top left bottom right top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LB_RT_RB Right top left bottom right top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LB_RT_LB Right top left bottom right top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LB_RB_LT Right top left bottom right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LB_RB_RT Right top left bottom right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LB_RB_RB Right top left bottom right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LB_RB_LB Right top left bottom right bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LB_LB_LT Right top left bottom left bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LB_LB_RT Right top left bottom left bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LB_LB_RB Right top left bottom left bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RT_LB_LB_LB Right top left bottom left bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LT_LT_LT Right bottom left top left top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LT_LT_RT Right bottom left top left top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LT_LT_RB Right bottom left top left top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LT_LT_LB Right bottom left top left top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LT_RT_LT Right bottom left top right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LT_RT_RT Right bottom left top right top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LT_RT_RB Right bottom left top right top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LT_RT_LB Right bottom left top right top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LT_RB_LT Right bottom left top right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LT_RB_RT Right bottom left top right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LT_RB_RB Right bottom left top right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LT_RB_LB Right bottom left top right bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LT_LB_LT Right bottom left top right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LT_LB_RT Right bottom left top left bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LT_LB_RB Right bottom left top left bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LT_LB_LB Right bottom left top left bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RT_LT_LT Right bottom right top left top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RT_LT_RT Right bottom right top left top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RT_LT_RB Right bottom right top left top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RT_LT_LB Right bottom right top left top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RT_RT_LT Right bottom right top right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RT_RT_RT Right bottom right top right top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RT_RT_RB Right bottom right top right top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RT_RT_LB Right bottom right top right top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RT_RB_LT Right bottom right top right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RT_RB_RT Right bottom right top right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RT_RB_RB Right bottom right top right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RT_RB_LB Right bottom right top right bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RT_LB_LT Right bottom right top left bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RT_LB_RT Right bottom right top left bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RT_LB_RB Right bottom right top left bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RT_LB_LB Right bottom right top left bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RB_LT_LT Right bottom right bottom left top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RB_LT_RT Right bottom right bottom left top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RB_LT_RB Right bottom right bottom left top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RB_LT_LB Right bottom right bottom left top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RB_RT_LT Right bottom right bottom right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RB_RT_RT Right bottom right bottom right top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RB_RT_RB Right bottom right bottom right top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RB_RT_LB Right bottom right bottom right top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RB_RB_LT Right bottom right bottom right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RB_RB_RT Right bottom right bottom right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RB_RB_RB Right bottom right bottom right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RB_RB_LB Right bottom right bottom right bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RB_LB_LT Right bottom right bottom right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RB_LB_RT Right bottom right bottom left bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RB_LB_RB Right bottom right bottom left bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_RB_LB_LB Right bottom right bottom left bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LB_LT_LT Right bottom left bottom left top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LB_LT_RT Right bottom left bottom left top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LB_LT_RB Right bottom left bottom left top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LB_LT_LB Right bottom left bottom left top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LB_RT_LT Right bottom left bottom right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LB_RT_RT Right bottom left bottom right top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LB_RT_RB Right bottom left bottom right top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LB_RT_LB Right bottom left bottom right top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LB_RB_LT Right bottom left bottom right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LB_RB_RT Right bottom left bottom right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LB_RB_RB Right bottom left bottom right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LB_RB_LB Right bottom left bottom right bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LB_LB_LT Right bottom left bottom left bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LB_LB_RT Right bottom left bottom left bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LB_LB_RB Right bottom left bottom left bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_RB_LB_LB_LB Right bottom left bottom left bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LT_LT_LT Left bottom left top left top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LT_LT_RT Left bottom left top left top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LT_LT_RB Left bottom left top left top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LT_LT_LB Left bottom left top left top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LT_RT_LT Left bottom left top right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LT_RT_RT Left bottom left top right top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LT_RT_RB Left bottom left top right top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LT_RT_LB Left bottom left top right top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LT_RB_LT Left bottom left top right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LT_RB_RT Left bottom left top right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LT_RB_RB Left bottom left top right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LT_RB_LB Left bottom left top right bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LT_LB_LT Left bottom left top left bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LT_LB_RT Left bottom left top left bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LT_LB_RB Left bottom left top left bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LT_LB_LB Left bottom left top left bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RT_LT_LT Left bottom right top left top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RT_LT_RT Left bottom right top left top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RT_LT_RB Left bottom right top left top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RT_LT_LB Left bottom right top left top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RT_RT_LT Left bottom right top right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RT_RT_RT Left bottom right top right top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RT_RT_RB Left bottom right top right top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RT_RT_LB Left bottom right top right top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RT_RB_LT Left bottom right top right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RT_RB_RT Left bottom right top right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RT_RB_RB Left bottom right top right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RT_RB_LB Left bottom right top right bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RT_LB_LT Left bottom right top right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RT_LB_RT Left bottom right top right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RT_LB_RB Left bottom right top right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RT_LB_LB Left bottom right top left bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RB_LT_LT Left bottom right bottom left top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RB_LT_RT Left bottom right bottom left top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RB_LT_RB Left bottom right bottom left top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RB_LT_LB Left bottom right bottom left top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RB_RT_LT Left bottom right bottom right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RB_RT_RT Left bottom right bottom right top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RB_RT_RB Left bottom right bottom right top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RB_RT_LB Left bottom right bottom right top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RB_RB_LT Left bottom right bottom right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RB_RB_RT Left bottom right bottom right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RB_RB_RB Left bottom right bottom right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RB_RB_LB Left bottom right bottom right bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RB_LB_LT Left bottom right bottom left bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RB_LB_RT Left bottom right bottom left bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RB_LB_RB Left bottom right bottom left bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_RB_LB_LB Left bottom right bottom left bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LB_LT_LT Left bottom left bottom left top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LB_LT_RT Left bottom left bottom left top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LB_LT_RB Left bottom left bottom left top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LB_LT_LB Left bottom left bottom left top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LB_RT_LT Left bottom left bottom right top left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LB_RT_RT Left bottom left bottom right top right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LB_RT_RB Left bottom left bottom right top right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LB_RT_LB Left bottom left bottom right top left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LB_RB_LT Left bottom left bottom right bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LB_RB_RT Left bottom left bottom right bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LB_RB_RB Left bottom left bottom right bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LB_RB_LB Left bottom left bottom right bottom left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LB_LB_LT Left bottom left bottom left bottom left top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LB_LB_RT Left bottom left bottom left bottom right top
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LB_LB_RB Left bottom left bottom left bottom right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_WHITE_TURNOVER4_LB_LB_LB_LB Left bottom left bottom left bottom left bottom
Turnover class:
EFX_EFFECT_TURNOVER_LT_TO_RB Left top to right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_TURNOVER_LB_TO_RT Left bottom to right top
EFX_EFFECT_TURNOVER_RT_TO_LB Right top to left bottom
EFX_EFFECT_TURNOVER_RB_TO_LT Right bottom to left top
Replace class:
EFX_EFFECT_REPLACE_HORZ_LEFT The old bitmap will move to the left, the new bitmap will come from the right
EFX_EFFECT_REPLACE_HORZ_RIGHT The old bitmap will move to the right, the new bitmap will come from the left
EFX_EFFECT_REPLACE_VERT_TOP The old bitmap will move to the top, the new bitmap will come from the bottom
EFX_EFFECT_REPLACE_VERT_BOTTOM The old bitmap will move to the bottom, the new bitmap will come from the top
Laser class:
EFX_EFFECT_LASER_LT_RB From center to left top and from center to right bottom
EFX_EFFECT_LASER_LB_RT From center to left bottom and from center to right top
Fade Normal class:
EFX_EFFECT_FADE_NORMAL The new bitmap will fade
Fade Black and White class:
EFX_EFFECT_FADE_BW The gray bitmap will fade first, then the colored bitmap.
Fade Color class:
EFX_EFFECT_FADE_COLOR The color level bitmap will fade first, then the color bitmap. The crWand parameter will determine the color level bitmap.
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