LEADTOOLS PDF Developer Toolkit

LEADTOOLS PDF provides PDF APIs to read, write, raster-view, and update PDF files on all major platforms. With the PDF toolkit, developers can extract text, images, hyperlinks, and metadata from PDF files. The SDK also provides complete control of pages in existing PDF documents. Conversion to PDF/A documents that are ready for archival can be done in a few lines of code. Additionally, with the included LEADTOOLS PDF Optimizer, PDF files can be made web-ready with linearization and compression.

LEADTOOLS PDF includes all features of Imaging, such as 165+ formats, compression, image processing, viewers, TWAIN and WIA scanning, and more. This combination of PDF and imaging features makes the LEADTOOLS PDF an extreme value.

The LEADTOOLS Advanced PDF Module can be purchased as an add-on to LEADTOOLS PDF to provide advanced PDF functions such as viewing PDF documents as vector.

What's Included in the LEADTOOLS PDF SDK?

The technology from the following is included with LEADTOOLS PDF:

The LEADTOOLS Advanced PDF Module is an add-on to a compatible LEADTOOLS SDK and cannot be purchased by itself. The LEADTOOLS Advanced PDF Module includes all the base features of LEADTOOLS PDF and advanced features of eSignatures, Vector PDFs, and PDF editing.

The following LEADTOOLS SDKs are compatible with the LEADTOOLS Advanced PDF Module:

Operating systems

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Frameworks

  • .NET 6+
  • .NET Framework
  • Xamarin
  • UWP
  • WinForms
  • C++ Class Library
  • Programming, Scripting, and Markup

  • C#
  • VB
  • XAML
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • Order and Pricing Information for LEADTOOLS PDF

    To order or ask questions about licensing:

    Development License Pricing

    Quantity Price Annual Maintenance *  
    1 Dev License $1,250.00 $313.00 Buy
    3 Dev Licenses $3,000.00 $939.00 Buy
    5 Dev Licenses $4,700.00 $1,565.00 Buy
    10 Dev Licenses $8,750.00 $3,130.00 Buy

    **Note: Deployment licenses required to deploy any LEAD SDK redistributable file

    A development license is required for each programmer using the SDK. Discounts apply for multiple developers.

    A development license includes free technical support via email and chat. Premium support via telephone is available on a per-case basis or included with an Annual Maintenance plan.

    * Annual maintenance is recommended, but optional

    **Deployment License: A license is also required to deploy any LEAD SDK redistributable files. Pricing for deployment licenses varies based on the deployment model. To obtain a deployment license quotation, contact LEAD’s sales department.

    Licensing Information for LEADTOOLS PDF

    Flexible Licensing - LEAD offers several license models to customers designed to fit the needs of internal development projects as well as commercial software. We understand that our standard license terms may not work for every customer's situation. Therefore, we encourage prospective customers to contact us directly to discuss your unique licensing requirements. We have been licensing software for over 34 years and realize that software licensing needs to be sensible and easy to manage. Our objective is to work with every customer to ensure they can add value to their product by leveraging our technology.

    For more information visit our licensing page or schedule a session with our licensing experts.