Version Change Summary: v19 to v20

Assembly Changes: 19 to 20

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) in LEADTOOLS v20

LEADTOOLS Leadtools.Forms.Processing.Omr gives application developers everything they need to design, process, and analyze data retrieved from large sets of bubbles found on exams and surveys.

Xamarin Camera Control in LEADTOOLS v20

LEADTOOLS Leadtools.Camera.Xamarin is a .NET Standard control for mobile development. The DLLs produced allow developers to create applications for deployment to iOS and Android.

3D Server-Side Rendering in Zero-Footprint Medical Web Viewer in LEADTOOLS V20

A Zero-footprint Medical Web Viewer now fully supports 3D volume rendering. Previously only available in the .NET Medical Viewer for Windows, high-quality VRT and MPR projections can be rendered on a server and transmitted to a client using a modern web browser. This true zero-footprint solution does not require browser plugins, desktop utilities, or remote desktop clients such as Citrix.

WebKit Engine in LEADTOOLS V20

  • For non-Windows platforms, LEADTOOLS now supports loading HTML files. This support requires WebKit.
  • For Windows platforms, LEADTOOLS now offers an alternative rendering engine via WebKit when loading HTML files. This engine provides improved HTML file loading.


As of March 2019 v20 release and later, the LEADTOOLS .NET toolkit now requires the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 C/C++ runtime.

For details of the changes, refer to the 'Version Changes' page for the specific assembly.

The following namespaces have been added in version 20:

V19 Namespace V20 Namespace
- Leadtools.CloudServices
- Leadtools.Forms.Processing.Omr
- Leadtools.Document.Compare
- Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Kernel
- Leadtools.Medical3D.Client

For details on JavaScript new namespaces, refer to JavaScript — Version Change Summary: v19 to v20

For details on Xamarin new namespace, refer to Xamarin — Version Change Summary: v19 to v20

The following namespaces have been renamed in version 20:

V19 Namespace V20 Namespace
Leadtools.Annotations.Core Leadtools.Annotations.Engine
Leadtools.Annotations.Documents Split into Leadtools.Annotations.BatesStamp and Leadtools.Pdf.Annotations
Leadtools.Dicom.Annotations.Core Leadtools.Dicom.Annotations
Leadtools.Documents.Converters Leadtools.Document.Converter
Leadtools.Documents.UI Leadtools.Document.Viewer
Leadtools.Documents Leadtools.Document
Leadtools.Forms.DocumentWriters Leadtools.Document.Writer
Leadtools.Forms Leadtools.Forms.Common
Leadtools.Forms.Ocr Leadtools.Ocr
Leadtools.Windows.Controls Leadtools.Controls: Leadtools.Controls.WinForms.dll and Leadtools.Controls.Wpf.dll

The following namespaces have been removed in version 20:

V19 Namespace V20 Namespace
Leadtools.Annotations Removed
Leadtools.Forms.DocumentReaders Removed
Leadtools.Services.Barcode.DataContracts Removed
Leadtools.Services.Barcode.ServiceContracts Removed
Leadtools.Services.DataContracts Removed
Leadtools.Services.Forms.DataContracts Removed
Leadtools.Services.Forms.ServiceContracts Removed
Leadtools.Services.ImageProcessing.DataContracts Removed
Leadtools.Services.ImageProcessing.ServiceContracts Removed
Leadtools.Services.Raster.DataContracts Removed
Leadtools.Services.Raster.FaultContracts Removed
Leadtools.Services.Raster.ServiceContracts Removed
Leadtools.Windows.Annotations Removed
Leadtools.WinForms Removed

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