Main PACS Server Demo Worklist AddIn

This add-in implements Service Class Provider (SCP) role of Modality Worklist Service (MWL) and corresponding Modality Performed Procedure Step (MPPS) service.

Worklist Configuration Icon
**Worklist Configuration Icon** - Click on Worklist Configuration Icon under add-in Options pane from Server Manager while L19\_SERVER32 is selected to bring up following Database Editor Window:
PACS Database Editor

Database Editor Menus:

Query Tabs

This contains number of tabs each containing related query fields grouped by related attributes of a Scheduled Procedure Step Worklist and Performed Procedure Step. This grouping is also reflected in the Worklist database table. Tabs are enabled when “Filtered records” option from the Query Type Drop-down list is selected.

Worklist Database Editor has following query tabs:

Note: The path of the source code for this binary is <INSTALLDIR>\Examples\PACSFramework\CS\Sample AddIns

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