My.Medical.Storage.Configuration Add-in

The LEADTOOLS Storage Server uses an add-in based architecture. When the DICOM listening service is created, a corresponding folder is with the same name as the listening service is created. Within this folder there are two sub-folders:

When the listening service is started, the add-ins in the Configuration folder are loaded first, followed by the add-ins in the AddIns folder.  The AddIns contains several add-ins, one of which is the Leadtools.Medical.Storage.Addins.dll. The Leadtools.Medical.Storage.Addins.dll contains add-ins for query, store, and move, all of which use the Leadtools.Medical.Storage.DataAccessLayer.dll.

For the tutorial, we create a My.Medical.Storage.DataAccessLayer.dll which must be registered BEFORE the Leadtools.Medical.Storage.DataAccessLayer.dll is loaded. For this reason, we must create a configuration add-in My.Medical.Storage.Configuration Addin that registers the custom My.Medical.Storage.DataAccessLayer.dll.

To accomplish this, create an assembly with a class that implements the Leadtools.Dicom.AddIn.Interfaces.IServerConfig interface, which contains a single member - a Configure method. It is the responsibility of the Configure method to register My.Medical.Storage.DataAccessLayer.dll. The code to do this has been previously described in the Registering the Medical Storage Data Access Layer section.

After the My.Medical.Storage.Configuration.dll has been created, copy it to the AddIns folder.   The source code for My.Medical.Storage.Configuration.dll is included in the LEAD installation as a sample project.

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