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Files for redistribution are installed by the LEADTOOLS setup. For information on the installation directory structure, refer to Installation Directory.

Note: Before copying or redistributing any of the files for Barcode functionality, you must first enter into a Deployment License Agreement with LEAD. For more information, contact

The specific set of redistributables needed depends on the functionality of the application being distributed. The following table lists the redistributables needed in order to support barcodes. The following DLLs need to be in either the application directory or the system PATH.

Redistributable Explanation
Leadtools.Barcode (Android)
LEADTOOLS Barcode Assembly
Also requires one or more of the following:
Leadtools.Barcode.OneD.dll (Android)
Reading and Writing Linear barcodes
Leadtools.Barcode.PdfRead.dll (Android)
Reading PDF417 barcodes (2D)
Leadtools.Barcode.PdfWrite.dll (Android)
Writing PDF417 barcodes (2D)
Leadtools.Barcode.DatamatrixRead.dll (Android)
Reading Data Matrix barcodes (2D)
Leadtools.Barcode.DatamatrixWrite.dll (Android)
Writing Data Matrix barcodes (2D)
Leadtools.Barcode.QrRead.dll (Android)
Reading QR barcodes (2D)
Leadtools.Barcode.QrWrite.dll (Android)
Writing QR barcodes (2D)
Leadtools.Barcode.Lead2DRead.dll Reading Aztec, Maxi and MicroQR barcodes (2D)
Leadtools.Barcode.Lead2DWrite.dll Writing Aztec, Maxi and MicroQR barcodes (2D)
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