PACS Storage Server Demo Rules Add-in Script Samples

The following script is executed on a RECEIVE C-STORE-REQUEST. It sets the institution name on every C-STORE-REQUEST. This happens before the dataset is processed by the add in. As a result, it will be present in every dataset saved on the server.

request(DicomTag.InstitutionName) = "LEAD Technologies, INC"

The following script will route the dataset on success to the specified AE Title. The AE title is required to be on the server.

If status = DicomCommandStatusType.Success Then  
  'If we successfully retrieved the stored image   
  'a request will be sent to the server to retrieve the specific instance  
  get_dataset(instanceUID, AddressOf RouteDataset) 
End If  
Public Sub RouteDataset(dataset As DicomDS referencedFile As String, instance As String, getError As String) 
  'If the dataset is valid we will route it to the specified server  
  If dataset IsNot Nothing And dataset(DicomTag.Modality) = "MR" Then  
     route(dataset, "LEAD_SERVER") 
  End If 
End Sub 

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