Configuring the LEADTOOLS Storage Server Application using the Control Panel:AutoCopy

Use the Auto Copy Button (

Auto Copy Button
)to configure the storage server to move DICOM image data to any number of PACS servers when it receives a DICOM image. This feature can be set up so that when the server receives a C-MOVE request to a destination AE it will automatically store it to some other server as well. When the storage server connects to a remote PACS server, it can be configured to optionally use a custom AE title. The number of threads can be specified in order to improve performance.

AE Relation Tab

Storage Server AutoCopy AE Relation Tab

Advanced Tab

Storage Server AutoCopy Advanced Tab

- ### Number spin box The autocopy processes are added to a queue. The number of threads specified is the number of threads that service the queue. Generally, you want to restrict this to less than or equal to the number processors on your system.
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