Solutions to Common Problems:

Problem 1: After running through the tutorial, you cannot log into the HTML5 Medical Web viewer.   Solution:

First, start the CSStorageServerManagerDemo.exe and verify that you can login using the same username and password.  If you cannot login, then the username/password combination is invalid.

If you are able to login to the CSStorageServerManagerDemo.exe but unable to log into the HTML5 Medical Web Viewer using the same username and password, it is likely that the Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.WCF.dll is failing to load.  Make sure that you have copied all three assemblies from Step 6 to the Medical Viewer Service Bin folder:

Problem 2: You can login successfully, but when you search for a patient, you get one of the following errors:





This problem can occur if you fail to add the TUTORIAL_CUSTOM_DATABASE conditional compilation symbol when you recompiled Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.Addins.dll and Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.WCF.dll

To do this,

  1. Right-click the Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.Addins project
  2. Click the Build tab
  3. Add the TUTORIAL_CUSTOM_DATABASE symbol to the Conditional compilation symbols text box.
  4. Recompile
  5. Follow the same steps for the Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.WCF assembly
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