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Creating an OCR Engine Instance

The OcrEngineManager class and its methods are your entry to using the Leadtools.Ocr class library.

Use the OcrEngineManager.CreateEngine method to create an instance of the IOcrEngine interface. Afterwards, use the properties and methods of this interface to perform the various OCR tasks required.

There are two things to consider when creating an IOcrEngine instance:

OCR Engine Type The LEADTOOLS for .NET class library supports multiple OCR engines. All engines supported implement the same interfaces defined in Leadtools.Ocr.dll. As a result, it is not necessary to change the application code when switching engines.

The first parameter of the OcrEngineManager.CreateEngine method (engineType) is a value of the OcrEngineType enumeration. It specifies which OCR engine to load. Internally, the framework uses Assembly.Load to load the corresponding assembly and create the objects that implement the various public interfaces (for example, IOcrEngine).

Currently, the LEADTOOLS for .NET class library supports the following engines:

Engine Description

LEADTOOLS OCR Module - LEAD Engine engine. The OCR library inside Leadtools.Ocr.LEADEngine.dll is loaded.


LEADTOOLS OCR Module - OmniPage Engine engine. The OCR library inside Leadtools.Ocr.OminPageEngine.dll is loaded.


LEADTOOLS OCR Module - OmniPage Engine with Additional Languages engine. The OCR library inside Leadtools.Ocr.OmniPageArabicEngine.dll is loaded.

Using the LEADTOOLS OCR Thunk Server Refer to Multi-Threading with LEADTOOLS OCR.

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