Using Pictures in Annotation Objects

The AnnPicture class provides a picture object that is used by several LEADTOOLS annotation object classes. The following LEADTOOLS annotation objects use the AnnPicture class:






Each of these classes (either through the direct implementation or inheritance) access properties that control how the AnnPicture is used in the annotation object.


The AnnImageObject class derives from AnnRectangleObject and adds the Picture property to fill the object's Bounds.


The AnnHotspotObject class derives from AnnImageObject and adds the DefaultPicture property to set the default AnnPicture used to fill the object's Bounds.


The AnnFreehandHotspotObject class derives from AnnPolylineObject and adds both the Picture and DefaultPicture properties.


The AnnPointObject class derives from AnnObject and adds both the Picture and DefaultPicture properties.

AnnStampObject: The AnnStampObject class derives from AnnTextObject and adds the Picture property.

AnnPicture from External PNG File or Data

The following examples will create an AnnStampObject with a picture stored in an external PNG file or data:

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