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Driver's License Recognition

LEADTOOLS Driver's License recognition and processing SDK technology provides developers with a high-level framework for classifying and extracting data from driver's licenses and similar forms of identification from any country, state, or agency.

LEADTOOLS provides two ways to capture data from both sides of Driver's Licenses. For the front of the card, the toolkit includes customizable master templates for all fifty states in the US and Washington DC, which will significantly jump-start development and reduce the time required to create and test licenses for their application. For the back of Driver's Licenses, LEADTOOLS Barcode Recognition is used to read and write PDF417 barcodes that follow the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) specification.

To review the source code of a Driver's License Recognition demonstration application, refer to the \Examples\DotNet\CS\FormsDemo folder or the \Examples\DotNet\VB\FormsDemo folder of the LEADTOOLS installation.

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