Programming With The Network Virtual Printer Driver

LEADTOOLS Network Virtual Printer Driver classes adds network printing functionality to the Virtual Printer Driver Toolkit.

With the LEADTOOLS Network Virtual Printer Driver classes you can:

Using LEADTOOLS network virtual printer, you can create separate server and client applications. The server application will run on the server machine while the client application will run on the client machine. Only the server machine will require LEADTOOLS Network Printer Installation Setup. The client machine will require minimum LEADTOOLS Network Printer Components.

You can define any raw data as an information system, this data will be sent from the server machine to the client machine and the client application will send other user-specific raw data to the server machine along with the print job.

Create Network enabled printers

Before you can use a LEADTOOLS Network Virtual Printer it needs to be installed. To install a printer, use Install. This will make the printer available to all Windows applications. then the network printing should be enabled on Use EnableNetworkPrinting.

Connect the client application to the server network printer.

Use the SetPrinterConnectionDll function to connect to a server printer from the client machine.

Set the data to be used as initial configuration data

Use the SetNetworkInitialData function to set the custom data. This data will be read from the client application. This data will be received in Startup callback function.

Send user defined data from the client application to the server A user can send any custom data from the client application to the server machine by filling the UserData member of the PrintJobData class in the PrintJob callback function.


Use PrintQueue.GetJob method to obtain the default job information without implementing the client demo dll.

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