A Special Note about Loading 12-bit and 16-Bit Grayscale Images

If the image to be loaded is 12-bit, 16-bit or 32-bit grayscale and 0 is passed for the parameter that controls the number of bits per pixel at which to load the image, then if Leadtools.RasterSupportType.Document support is locked, the image will be loaded as 8-bit grayscale, instead of the original bits per pixel.

To load a raw 12-bit or 16-bit extended grayscale image, set the Codecs.InformationEventArgs.Order property to RasterByteOrder.Gray and the CodecsLoadInformationEventArgs.LeastSignificantBitFirst Property accordingly. For signed image data, set the CodecsLoadInformationEventArgs.Signed property to true.

For more information on Leadtools.RasterSupportType.Document support, refer to Leadtools.RasterSupport and Leadtools.RasterSupport.SetLicense(System.Byte[],System.String).

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