Walkthrough 3 Using the Anonymize Script

Perform the following steps in order to use the anonymize script created by Walkthrough 2:

  1. Click the Database Manager tab.

  2. Select both records and click the Export Selected button.

  3. Note that MyNewScript appears as the default in the Anonymize Script drop-down list. This is because MyNewScript has been activated.

  4. Click the Anonymize Options button. The Anonymize Options dialog appears which allows users to create/edit/copy/delete/activate Anonymize Scripts

    Note that the Anonymize Options dialog is also accessible by choosing Administration ->Anonymize Options from the Server Settings dialog.

  5. Click Cancel to close the Anonymize Options dialog.        

  6. Change the Export Folder Location to be:.

    1. C:\Users\Public\Documents\ExportAnonymize
  7. Select the checkboxes for the following tags, and then click OK.

    1. Overwrite Existing DICOM Files
    2. Create DICOMDIR
    3. Anonymize

  8. Click OK.

  9. Select both records and click the Delete Selected button to remove the patient from the database.

  10. Enter test for the reason, and click OK to delete the two records.

  11. Click the Add DICOM button to make MyNewScript the active script.

  12. Browse to the ExportAnonymize location

    1. C:\Users\Public\Documents\ExportAnonymize
  13. Select the DICOMDIR file.

  14. Click the Open button.

  15. After the import, you can see that the Patient ID, Patient Name, and Birth Date have been anonymized. All other fields remain as they were . 

    Note: Since the Anonymization is random, you will see different anonymized values from what is shown below:



  1. Select both records, and click the Delete Selected button to remove the anonymized datasets from the database.

  2. Click the Add DICOM button.

  3. Browse to the backup location:

    1. C:\Users\Public\Documents\ExportBackup
  4. Select the DICOMDIR file.

  5. Click the Open button.

  6. The database now contains the original two patient records.




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